Want to verify if Vero 4k Box is right for me


We can fix it. We need a week or two to do this.



May I ask which broadcasting technology you are using?


I have recently received a Vero 4K and I am having similar issues although I am using the NextPVR plugin for Live TV.
Any channels in h264 the video is freezing, disabling h264 hardware acceleration fixes the issue. I have several other devices connecting to the same server on LibreElec that have no issues with the same channels.

My logs below if they are of any assistance.


Hi, sure…im using Satellite DVB-S2 for HD…DVB-S for SD.



Ok, that explains it. Just wondered that it is still H264.


In my case it is DVB-C and it seems to be the same behavior.


Has this been updated? I too am evaluating whether the Vero 4K is a good box for my usage. But, from the comments in this thread, it is unclear.


Sorry – what are you asking re. an update?