Version for x86/x64


I moved your question here hoping you read thru it.
Then you also would have seen that it is currently not on Sam priority list but that some users started to take initiate and have been able to boot a base system of OSMC on x86.

Just also to answer your question, you would not run OSMC on top of Debian as OSMC is also an OS.
But you actually could run Kodi with OSMC skin on Debian any time




hi @squeekymouse89,
first of all - THANKS for your work - it will be excellent if we see OSMC@x86/x64 in near feature. I’m sure that this goal will need a lot of work and time so I won’t ask for ETA :slight_smile: I have another question… Do you or @sam_nazarko have any information about how the HW acceleration support will be implemented? As far as I know, currently OSMC is running directly on linux framebuffer but will be possible to use the same approach with normal PC video cards or 3rd party drivers will be needed? Also could you please give more information what hardware you are using for your tests? Currently I have one laptop (core i3@2.5GHz|8GB RAM|Ati Radeon 5470) which is laying around and I’m very interested will be possible to use it instead my RPi as my main media center, because at the moment on my RPi I have too many things working (OSMC + LAMP stack + OpenVPN Server + OwnCloud + Transmission + print server). All my questions are based on the assumption that you have already already discussed them with OSMC team. Also if you need one more machine where to test your build I will be very happy to run it and give you all needed information.


I’m also looking forward to this release and will try to build stuff on an x64 vm. Since OSMC is based on Debian, I don’t think a running debian8 x64 system is a bad starting point at all.


Hello @squeekymouse89 I have another question - could you please give me hint how to start compiling OSMC from source - next few weeks I will have some free time and I want to start testing also :wink: As far as I know basic mediacenter package compile is done via make rpb2 command in osmc/package/mediacenter-osmc directory (this is if Rpi2 is the target platform) but there are a lot more things to be done before that.


Hi, I haven’t done much in recent weeks because the machine I was testing the build on (or 3 of them) all died in a short space of time… Two of them due to the fact that I was using IDE hard disks out of the laptop caddy mount and when swapping them after imaging I misaligned the pins. Long story short motherboards tend not to like that (Bang!)

Anyway for info you cannot just build mediacenter-osmc you need to add lines to the code based on the ATV installer (i386). What you really want to do is to try and build the pc file system first because that’s a pretty easy place to get started. After that point you need some grub skills to get booted.

Also the apt repo does not have the mediacenter-osmc (x64) package in in you need to build that afterwards but to do so you need to modify makefile, patch and

In the mean time until a good build is made my suggestion is that if you are desperate for a lightweight kodi you should just do a debian net install base system and then install x and kodi. You can make it look like OSMC and even build the latest kodi from source, its all good experience.



Any news from the developers on this topic? For example, I noticed that there is work on AArch64 (ARMv8) support, while official x64 support being one of the mainstream architectures is still lacking. I know the arguments like “you can build an OSMC X64 system yourself”, but that’s something real enthousiasts can do and mainstream X64 won’t.


When there is news, we’ll let you know. I don’t think anyone cares about an x64 release on the team apart from me.

It’s all pretty much done and has been sitting in Git for months, but I need to get my hands on NVIDIA and AMD hardware to test. We’ll probably have to build our own Xorg packages too, which would need a bit of work.



Don’t forget Intel, they work great, on Kodi forum even MVC 3D works within Windows, hopefully soon Linux aswell :slight_smile:


Intel needs nothing special, except for the new VAAPI API but I will follow that closely and contact fritsch when we are nearer.



Sweet didn’t know that, yeah there is quite some activity on x86/x64 builds, ead some about VAAPI as well :slight_smile:


Solid-Run makes some nice hardware (owner of the CuBox-i4Pro which after a stint with Arch, GeexBox, etc now gathers dust as the software support has been… lacking.

I am acutely a bit excited for their SolidPC Q4 as an entrant for OSMC x86.
Why? $100 for:
Intel Atom E8000 or Pentium N3710 - that is 4 channels at 1 Ghz ->2.5 burst
Intel HD GPU with HDMI 1.4b-CEC
2 GB memory (up to 8)
POE or 7-21 VDC power options
Wifi/BT via M.2 2230 antenna plugs
FAST storage options

@sam_nazarko Looks to be $40 off for pre-sales. Want me to pick one up for testing OSMC x86?


Buy it,
for me, I don’t forgot the support for the CuBox
but also the bill from DHL, for tax etc for import my last CuBox 4-I pro into the “Union Européen” after ordered the CuBox directly in the SolidRun Shop.

-1 for SolidRun



more than happy to test when the time comes if you need people too :slight_smile:


x64 is coming along.

Slow and steady.


Bought 2 i4 pro’s, will never ever buy anything from Solidrun again. There are plenty of alternatives.


I’ve noticed some x64 commits lately. Great!


Hi Sam
Would this be a good board [Udoo x86] when osmc x86 is ready?


who knows time will tell :wink:

like any kickstarter even if its funded dont count on it before you got it in your hand and after that there are still some more steps to take.


Can’t wait for the x86/x64 version,… Going to build my self a dual boot OSMC/stream system :slight_smile: