Version for x86/x64


This is interesting news. I don’t mind building from source but I cant figure out how to do it when I try to build anything from git it only lets me use rbp1, rbp2, atv, vero or vero2.

Doesn’t really matter to me but because I’m happy with my kodi built from source on a basic netinstall of Ubuntu but osmc is just great for the platforms its made for and it would be interesting to try because of that feeling of accomplishment when anything builds correctly !



It depends what you are building. If you are building the installers, they’re not done for PC yet, hence why you need to partition manually.

Everything else is good to go for at least a test build :slightly_smiling:



no i was trying to build mediacenter-osmc. So I must be doing it completely wrong LOL

are there instructions for anywhere another platform that I can follow and modify the platform parameters ?



Hmm, I have tried a few things now and always get stuck on filesystem debootstrap errors: Exec format error.

I will wait till a release is ready because I think I might be a little out of my depth on this one.

Nice work anyway Sam & the team.


An exec format error suggests that the binary you have built is for the wrong target architecture (readelf -A) on the binary would confirm this.



Okay Nice, but Can you give us a rough ETA og the finish build? Or atleast the test build?


When it’s ready – it is low on my list of priorities right now



Thats okay :slight_smile: take your time :smiley:


@sam_nazarko I managed to build it… Well I have a filesystem tar anyway and I’m going to do the rest over the weekend. Just a heads up and I know this is low on your list but make got all deps and everything except xz-utils which resulted in an error at the end the first time I ran it, it seems to be called no matter what platform you build on from what i could gather in common

I might have encountered this because I used a really basic install of Debian to build… Or I’m really stupid. Either way I thought I would point it out.



Not 100% success but I can work with this


Well done.

You’re one of the first people to ever boot OSMC on x64.

Join and message me. You have taken some initiative here, and I’d like for you to get involved if you have the time. I’ll help you bring things up!





i am also very interested in running Osmc on my x64 htpc machine.

For some testing I would like to compile it also but i have problems getting it. I`ve tried to build the mediaplayer component but i got some missing dependencies then.

Whats the best way to make a (full) build from source ? Pls can you give me a start ?

Great project anyways sam, I really would like to see it in action !!


Sam is working with me to try and get a basic x64 build running. I will post instructions when & if I get it to run. Your first step is to probably to build the filesystem. Osmc for x64 has not got a binary in the repo yet so that has to be modified & compiled manually. Additionally no partition wizards or guides exist so you need to understand how grub works to be able to boot the system.

Sam is doing all of the work but is obviously busy on mainstream production so I am just fiddling with code to try and get a working compile.

Will update with progress.

*I am not affiliated with OSMC or OSMC staff… I just love compiling.

Running OSMC and Kodi on a PC


Great to hear :smiley:

I already needed to compile some things on debian based systems but i am not that familiar with grub in detail so I will probably wait some more time for a compilation guide or a release for x86.
Anyways thanks for your efforts guys and good luck !


Just a quick update for anyone following this thread, I have successfully compiled the mediacenter debs and used Sam’s kernel on a base install of Debian with the OSMC apt repos. I have not yet used the OSMC filesystem + my debs because I cant get it to work for some reason at the moment.

Anyway here is a screenshot of my progress. A huge thanks to Sam for all his helpful pointers when I ask stupid questions.


Hey squeeky,

very very great to hear !

As I guess it will take some more time until x64 willbe released, can you maybe make a short tutorial in the meantime so that we can catch it up ? Would be great ! :innocent:

Thank you for your efforts.

Btw also waiting to switch from OE as there are some things not directly possible (anyway it`s a great software!). Short tutorial would be great. Thanks ! :smile:


Hi there,

A small tutorial would be great. I’m waiting for this release to sitch from Openelec. I have a few RPI’s, but my main HTPC is a small pc running on AMD A series and I would like them all to be on the same version.

Hope to see someting in the future!

Thanks for your efforts!



Also very much looking forward to this!

Planning on potentially upgrading my Raspberry Pi’s to something like the latte panda for better performance

Great work!


maybe it’s a stupid question , anyway :slightly_smiling:

Is it possible to setup OSMC on a Linux PC running Debian 8 Jessie 64bit ?
I wonder why it’s limited to ARM



my question has been moved to this thread and above i can read in message from sam_nazarko: at Jun 28, '15

You can expect it around September

Where can I find it ?