[VERO] Remote control questions


Why does it come with IR over example RF or even bluetooth?

As i understand it is that RF is cheaper :slight_smile:



Anyone else finding that the vero remote isnโ€™t very good? Itโ€™s doing the same action over and over on one key press - my hama remote is working much better


Vero Remote Eratic

Yes, I found the same thing re action over and over.
Also pretty slow response time. I tried using Yatse remote app on my android phone and this really shows how fast Vero can be when scrolling through posters in skins other than OSMC (VERY fast!!!). OSMC seems to be only able to do list view and with supplied remote you donโ€™t get a true feel for Veros speed.
Must say I am disappointed with quality of Vero remote. Compared to something like Roku remote which does not require a direct line of sight) quality is pretty poor. Will stick with Yatse app until CEC is working and I can use mt TV remote.



Hi Sam, there is a new exciting remote called NEEO (http://neeo.com). They have developed a driver for controlling OSMC Vero. Only missing is the submenu command. I need this button to call up the sub functions that I can perform in OSMC, eg. to rescan the fader content. Can you please make the ir codes avail for me or them so that they can incorporate the remote commands for NEEO? Thanks!