Vero 4K+ order


Thank you for the info. Can’t wait :star_struck:


Think is, Sam, that the actualy tracking number was not visible from “order completed” e-mail right away, it is just at the end of sentence, no bold font. I’ve actually missed it when I read the e-mail for the first time.

You can track your order here. Please note that it may take 24 hours for your order to start tracking. Your tracking number is XXXXXXX

I would recommend to emphasise the tracking number. Make it at least bold or even better - place it on new line, make it bigger and bold so that it is clearly clearly visible.



thanks for all the help and concern about my order, yesterday it’s deliverd.
It was worth waiting for, what a great performance.

The only thing what gives a bit of problemm is to set up the VPN connection.
I use NORDVPN, after i choose a server i have to wait for a while and it stops while loading the server location. After that it says that there is something with the DNS.

When i use the DNS Fix there is a connection with the VPN server but i could’t get streams.

Could someone help me with this issue?

Kind Regards,


Did you use this addon?

Otherwise open a new thread not to confuse this thread.


Hi. My order was canceled and refunded. Why?



I sent you an email about this.
Unfortunately we no longer ship to Brazil.



Hey Sam, I know you can’t do much once the order is handed to delivery service, but I check every day/hour to see any change with the status and it seems stuck in London on the way out of UK. Is this normal from your experience? It is there from 2.2.2019. It’s wierd. I order often from UK and it is always 2-4 days max because there are no customs of any kind from UK. My order number is 22809. If there is any way you can get more details I would be grateful. Now I’m sorry I did not suggest faster/more expensive delivery just to get it faster. I would gladly pay for it. :slight_smile:


I’ll look in to this for you and let you know when I have an update


Thank you for great support!

Update: The package arrived to Zagreb just this morning, so it’s going by plan for now. :slight_smile:


That’s interesting I had it in Slovenia in 3-4 days after sam shipped it if I remember correctly, also hello neighbor :wink:


Looks like it’s just clearing customs

11/02/2019 07:44 Exchange Office Import HR ZAGREB

The item should be released in the coming week.