Vero 4K blue light


Running on Vero 4K since last year and evrything works fine, but last week suddenly blue light doesn’t light anymore. If I power Vero off once plugging again red light shows and then is off but blue light doesn’t show.
Fore the rest I believe 4K runs fine. Does it matter or not the blue light ?


A few people have noticed that the blue LED will stop working after some time. This has only affected a handful of users but it’s something we’ve noted and we’re looking in to.

It shouldn’t affect your device. We’re happy to replace this under warranty if you’d like however. In the unlikely event anything else goes wrong with your device, we can take care of that at a later date if you would prefer.

I have made a note of this issue on your account.



Please write a tutorial on how you killed the blue LED…


Hey Sam, mine has done the same thing, I’m ok with it though. It started by only lighting about half the emblem and then a quarter or so, sometimes turning off and on and now it’s completely out, started about 1-2 weeks ago.


One of my Vero4Ks is showing the failing LED as well, it doesn’t seem to have any other issues so I’m considering this to be just a problem with the LED for now (and as long as it’s the LED, it doesn’t bother me).


My blue light also dims then blinks then goes out. no problem with the vero 4k. just letting you know.


Yeah I reported this in another thread a while ago. No other issues so far.


See this thread:

I had the exact same issue - the blue LED would flicker sometimes and sometimes it wouldn’t work at all.

I contacted support and they arranged to send out a replacement in exchange for my faulty one. Whilst the Vero 4K worked just fine, I’m a stickler for this stuff and if it was meant to work, then I like it to work…

Either way, I was extremely happy with @sam_nazarko and the support offered. I just made a backup of my faulty Vero 4K then restored it on the replacement and I was up and running in a matter of minutes.