Vero 2 does not detect beamer when turned on


If your projector is off, there is no display to recognise, hence why we fall back to 720p.

yes, but if the beamer then IS turned on there would be a display to recognize, right? and it does not. for my laptop it does not make any difference if beamer is turned on before connecting it to the beamer or not i allways get a picture and the preset resolution, should a good solution for vero not behave similar?

You could try using the disp_modes file as previously suggested

i eill try that.


If the beamer is on when the Vero is turned on, it will always work.
If it is turned on afterwards, it is not guaranteed.

On Vero 4K / 4K + there is an option called HPD Lock. Vero 2 hardware doesn’t trivially support this unfortunately.



nice! it seems to be working now (with disp_modes file). let’s hope it stays that way. the issue with random crashes when beamer is turned on after boot of osmc is still in question though.

cheers bendsch


It should be fine now.


in general things are working now. but somehow i still am experiencing system-crashes once in a while when i turn the beamer on.

(i think this is not a new but an additional problem that i only started noticing now because earlier i a had to restart the device anyways in order to get a picture)



We will have some improvements to hotplugging shortly



ok, nice! i will report after the next update.
thx for the fast answer.


so after installing the update on my vero2 the hot-plug-behavior did not really change, i still experience crashes.



I added support for this to Vero 4K / 4K+. I am not sure if it can be backported yet


oh ok … what does that mean? :thinking:


I don’t know if it can be supported on Vero 2 currently.


oh ok, well as the title oft the thread suggests i was always talking about my vero2. hope it is possible to “backport”.



i think it has a lot to do with my system becoming corrupt from time to time as described here: Emergency mode on vero2



That won’t be related to whether the device is parsing video modes. But you should make sure the device is powered off correctly.


when beamer is connected the system crashes completely sometimes. no possibility to login via ssh or whatever. the only thing i can do then is to pull the power-cable …