Various issues with Vero 4k


Hi @sam_nazarko,

tested and I can confirm the “stop / buffering” at around 1:48 is gone!



Thanks for confirming. I’ll make a kernel with some improvements available for testing shortly.


Will the setting remain until I reboot the vero?
I am testing other 4K material having micro stutters as well, maybe this will solve more issues than currently expected.



It’s not persistent. I’ll make a test thread available in a couple of hours and would like it if you could test then.


you bet!


Willing to help, too


I can confirm that the first stop/buffering in Serenity is gone, too! I do a short look…



you made my day today.
I was one of the users suffering micro stutters when playing high bit files.
I followed tons of suggestions in regards to advancedsettings playing with videocache and readspeed.
Even a gigabit adapter was bought to get rid of the problems.

After quickly checking with JohnWick2 and your recommendation i can confirm no stuttering in the movie anymore.

Further i deleted my advancedsettings.xml file and now run the vero4k pure as designed and guess what: All high bit files >80 run smoothly without stuttering or audio drops…

Maybe i cheer-up to early but for me still a good day!



Nice! Great work everyone, I’ll try this later too if I get a chance. Really encouraging results though, thanks Sam.


John Wick 2 seems fine after running the command - both the m2ts and mkv clips I posted above play back ok.

Serenity also plays ok in terms of the freeze but has some visual corruption on screen - and the source m2ts is a mess, jetliner frames and green blobs. I’ll get a log up tomorrow plus some screens /video.

Great start though!

Edit: seems the corruption is only when skipping ahead, I jumped to the 3 minute mark to see the freezing area.


Please test: Playback improvements for 4K HEVC UHD content

I’ll close this thread for now as it seems to have served its purpose.