URI of playlist file


Just put together a Raspberry Pi 3 with OSMC and basic Kodi. I have a USB thumb drive with all of my mp3 files on it plugged into the Pi. Thumb drive name is PIMUSIC with all of the mp3 files in the root directory. I have several playlists (ex. Trance, Christian, Rock, Pop). Everything is working properly. If my ip address of the Pi is what is the full URI of the Trance playlist? I am using Windows 10 to write a webcore piston to play a particular playlist and need the URI for the play command.


Your words are a bit confusing. How to you want to trigger that playlist? Via Kodi by using the Webserver and json API?


My intention is to hard code the uri in the piston. I do not have to parse a json. Kodi Music Player is my “Sonos”. Example :

Kodi Music Player
Speak Text “Honey I am home” and Resume;
Play Playlist “URI of my playlist.xsp file”;

I am having trouble determining the syntax of the URI for the Kodi playlist.xsp file. The playlist files are on my Pi at $HOME/.Kodi/userdata/playlists/. Not sure that I can initiate a playlist like this.

Realistically, I could just say “Alexa, tell Kodi to play my Trance playlist” and that would work. But I was hoping to automate that with the webcore piston. Thanks for you help.


So you want your Sonos to play the Playlist from your Pi? Than you first need to share it with (UPNP, Samba or NFS) and depending which one you choose determines the URI


Yes, I am using Samba.


For Samba the URI should be smb://<IP of OSMC>/osmc/.kodi/userdata/playlist/


Thanks for the help. Trying multiple iterations of the above uri but no success yet. I will keep trying.


Cannot get this to work. Now just attempting to play an mp3 file instead of a playlist. Here is the uri I am using in the webcore piston with Play Track - \\Osmc\pimusic\Music\The Cars - Drive.mp3
If I put that in my browser, it plays. If I put that in Windows Explorer, it plays. Nothing plays with the webcore command.


Since you can access it via other methods, I’d suggest that you reach out to the webcore team to get more help.