[Tvheadend] A lot of continuity errors


Okay, I will investigate further.


Hi there,
I’m new to the forum but have been following it for some time now. I’m experiencing similar symptoms to what Eugene is talking about.
I bought the Vero 4K+ with OSMC dongle quite recently, it’s also the Sony-brand tuner. I’m in Prague, CZ.
DVB-T via TV tuner had a good reception, no issues with signal, but when I upgraded to DVB-T2 via OSMC I get a lot of continuity errors. It seems that just after restart the signal and SNR are stable but 30 minutes in or so it starts fluctuating and picture begins to stutter. Once per 15-30 seconds.
Is there any way I can help identify the issue?



I am still looking in to this but I think I have an idea. It’s going to take a couple of weeks for me to look at this


Hi Sam,

did you by any chance have time to investigate the issue?




I’ve looked in to this but could only find a reason for discontinuities being reported; but not actual signal loss.

TVs usually get a slightly better reception.
Can you test in a different environment?



Hi Sam,

What is the reason for the discontinuities issue? Will it be fixed in the upcoming update?




Hi — from testing here I think it may be signal related


Is it fixable? Why are there no discontinuities for the first 20-25 minutes?


That is unclear – it could be the case that the tuner doesn’t recover from a loss of signal gracefully.

Do you have an opportunity to improve the reception?



No, I have no access to the antenna. It is on the roof and usually the signal strength is good.


Ok, let’s re-visit when the DVB stack is updated.



Is it expected in the next OSMC update?

BTW, are you planning to upgrade to Debian Buster once it’s released?


It will come soon. I will probably backport it to 3.14.

We will probably move to Buster around end of Summer



Ok, thanks, will wait for it.


Same issue here: vero 4k with osmc tv dongle and after 20-30 minutes image have noise like the signal gets bad. Not occuring with tv. Rebooting device gets things straight again. Thanks for the help so far. I hope It will get a fix.


What region are you in?



I know that this thread is for Vero 4K/Vero 4K + but I am experiencing similar issues with TvHeadend and OSMC DVB-T2 adapter on my Raspberry Pi running OSMC. Lots of continuity issues, artifacts in the video (green pixels and stuttering etc).

I have got a signal amplifier and have recently replaced the aerial cabling (to High quality Quad shielded) that I have access to, but haven’t been able to get rid of errors. Signal strength/quality hovers around 70 dBm.


Hi @wolf7250 – can you let me know your region; and if this occurs on all channels or some channels? Can you also upload a log so I can see which revision of the tuner you have

And can you confirm this only occurs after a period of time, and not immediately?

Many thanks



Thanks Sam,
I am in Australia, it happens on all channels that I view (though seems to be worse on HD channels). I can upload logs (dmesg logs??) when I get home.

From memory it occurs after a period of time, but I’ll confirm that too. Thanks for responding :slight_smile:


If it occurs after a period of time, it rules out a hardware problem, and likely a reception issue, which is a good thing.