TVHeadend 4.2 released


Here’s how I fixed your problem. Select each tuner, and then on the right hand side, check the “Enabled” box. Once that is complete, the lights should all turn green. Next, also on the right hand side, select the “Networks” dropdown and choose your network. After that I was able to tune in channels again. However, for some reason I’ve lost my EPG, so I’m working on getting that rebuilt (I use the Zap2It method with a daily cron job).


Just a follow-up. I did get the channel guide to come back by rebooting both the Openelec frontend client and the OSMC backend server machines (I have a client/server setup using 2 RPi3s) a couple times. Can’t say what about it worked. I also got my EPG grabber working again. Note: If you want to actually see the expert settings for screens under 4.2, you need to go to the “users” tab and make “Expert” your default view, at which time expert tabs as well as views become available.


Thanks for this! This solved the upgrading problems for me, too :slight_smile:


Thanks for reporting. Could you please post the contents of .hts/tvheadend/accesscontrol/1 from the tarball at /home/osmc/.hts/tvheadend/backup/unknown.tar.bz2. I’d like to understand what’s happening here. Did you upgrade from the previous AppStore version or some other version? Then did you have to re-create your user in the tvh webui or did it ‘just work’?


There is no file .hts/tvheadend/accesscontrol/1 in the tarball. Only the useraccount which was there before.

  • tvheadend was originally installed from the app-store (I think it was 4.0.9)
  • I upgraded via apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade
  • I did not have to recreate my user - after deleting the mentioned file “1” it just did work again after restarting tvheadend.

I noticed a difference though between the file accesscontrol/58xxxxx from the unknown-tarball and the 4.0.8-tarball:

diff unknown/accesscontrol/58xxxxxx  4.0.8~jessie/accesscontrol/58xxxxxx

> 	"streaming": 1,
> 	"dvr": 1,
< 	"streaming": [
< 	],
< 	"dvr": [
< 	]
> 	"adv_streaming": 1,
> 	"password2": "*****************"```

The version from the unknown-directory is identically with the one which I am using now. Maybe that helps…?
Cheers, Bernie_O


Many thanks. I think you had two user files for user ‘osmc’. Strangely, tvh tolerates this. You once had tvh version 4.0.8 which I don’t think was ever in the AppStore, and the old AppStore installer created the new file ‘1’. It didn’t check for existing user files. That’s my guess.

This could happen to anyone else who ever had a non-AppStore tvh before installing 4.0.9 from the AppStore over the top of it.


Now I remember - here is exactly what I did:

  • I downloaded and installed osmc
  • then I copied the directory .hts from a installed version of tvheadend from another older system to /home/osmc. On that older system I had installed tvheadend from the official tvheadend-sources for arm (they used to exist quite a while ago until tvheadend stopped maintaining an arm-version.)
  • after copying the files, I installed tvheadend from the osmc-app-store (version 4.0.9 a year ago or so)
  • after months I did an “apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade” which pushed tvheadend 4.2 on my system

So, yes: you are right - the tvheadend-data was not from the osmc-app-store but from another version. I totally forgot about that. Sorry.

Anyway: thanks for OSMC - I really like it. Keep up the good work!

Cheers, Bernie_O.


Is possible do install new tvheadend 4.2.2 do Vero but old build Kodi 16.1


Yes – in theory; you just do apt-get install armv7-tvheadend-app-osmc and don’t upgrade anything else.


Yes it’s working