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It's been just over two years since we announced the new OSMC RF Remote, a minimalist way to control all OSMC devices.

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Can you still fast-forward and rewind with the new remote, if you removed the buttons?

Why was it that people wanted those removed?


With Kodi, you can remap any buttons.

Having use another remote just to change volume is a PITA and many people are happy to use the skip function instead of fast forward.


I agree, adding volume buttons is great!

However, what do you do when skipping doesn’t work, and you want to get back to a section 30 minutes in? Maybe I don’t understand what skipping is, but I thought that you need an index to skip, and if you have a broken, or non-existent index then you cannot skip.


Skipping should always work. Kodi supports skip steps, so the faster you click it, the quicker it skips through a programme. This seems to be more effective than fast forwarding.

Fortunately ffmpeg makes that quite reliable.

Of course, as others have said, you can remap buttons at any time using the Keymap Editor add-on.



Nice, I think I use skip steps all the time… so maybe I don’t even use fast-forwarding!


Looks nice. I use skips frequently and only rarely use FF. My new Samsung TV has a smart remote that works well with OSMC via Bluetooth. One function it lacks is right mouse button to get to “Add to Favorites.”


Any idea if this would work with Kodi running on an Amazon FireTV?


It should work on Android; yes.
You might need to fix up some buttons – someone did this before with Keymap Editor.



Hi, I’ve done a forum search but don’t seem to be able to find an answer to this,
will one of these work on a Pi 3 running Libreelec?
I thinking of getting one for an elderly relative to replace the rather more complex MCE remote he currently uses and gets constantly confused by.


Yes — they work with LE and OE