[Testing] X11(simple desktop) + Chromium(web browser) in a simple installer for Stretch


It should be as easy as that, google is your friend :slight_smile:

LXDE desktop shortcut icon


For anyone having problems getting audio to play through hdmi on tv, try these steps.

From ssh run the command aplay -l

you should see something similiar to following:

**** List of PLAYBACK Hardware Devices ****
card 0: ALSA [bcm2835 ALSA], device 0: bcm2835 ALSA [bcm2835 ALSA]
Subdevices: 8/8
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0
Subdevice #1: subdevice #1
Subdevice #2: subdevice #2
Subdevice #3: subdevice #3
Subdevice #4: subdevice #4
Subdevice #5: subdevice #5
Subdevice #6: subdevice #6
Subdevice #7: subdevice #7
card 0: ALSA [bcm2835 ALSA], device 1: bcm2835 ALSA [bcm2835 IEC958/HDMI]
Subdevices: 1/1
Subdevice #0: subdevice #0

Look for card that says HDMI. Note the card number and device number.

Next go into text editor and put following lines

defaults.pcm.card 0
defaults.pcm.device 1
defaults.ctl.card 0

Replace the card and device numbers to correct ones for your system.

Finally save the file as asound.conf make sure it doesnt save as txt file if ur using text editor.

Place the asound.conf in the /etc folder on the root of OSMC.

Restart x11 launcher hopefully sound should be through HDMI.

I tested this on raspberry pi 3 not sure about vero or others but worth giving try.

Hope that helps cheers :slight_smile:


Nice @the_bo might need this in a few weeks when i upgrade to a pi3

@pipipockey you might wanna try the above solution


@sam_nazarko @joakim_s any chance this might be supported as an osmc package soon


Not in its current state. It would need to be converted in to a real OSMC application package.

I am happy to assist on this



@sam_nazarko Dont know if I got the skills to do it into an OSMC app package, is there actual programing involved? What language?

The chromium version is a bit older, it’s version 45.xx instead of the latest i’ve seen 50.xx. And the chromium deb-packages are not in the default repository, neither are the verion 50 packages.

I’m going to try the 50.x version as soon as i get my pi3 within a few weeks, waiting for it, delivery from china to sweden takes awhile ordered it a week ago .


I haven’t fully documented the App packaging process yet, but you can consider it an overlay of Debian packaging.


@joakim_s I updated chromium to ver. 50 on rpi3. Working ok so far.


@joakim_s my system just crashed. can still ssh in, i want to back up my x11 settings especially chromium settings (bookmarks etc). Where is chromium settings stored?




There you should have crashreports and stuff

/home/osmc/.config/chromium/Default/Bookmarks is where your bookmarks are stored (one file)


System crashed caused of some retro gaming addon. Want to back up the lxde desktop settings incase have to reinstall.

Thanks ill have look there


*phew* Thought it might be the new version of chromium that you got installed. Btw which source did you use to get version 50 installed, got a link?


sure yeah


also think you need this package


Enjoy the rpi3 its a awesome little device. Did you have to order it from china. What bout amazon?


Had to?? dependes how you look at it, the mrs buys stuff from this chinese site and since it was a 25$ save on the buy compared to local shops here in sweden i thought a few weeks waiting, and a happy wife might be worth it :yum:

Got a package, the pi, a case(pi foundation) , heat sinks, 16gb memcard and 2.5A power supply, 49 Eur / 55 US$


Wow thats a good deal all right, you def took right option.

Yeah i buy lot things from china. Very cheap only the delivery time but i dont mind waiting either.

Yeah keeping the wife happy is the main part haha :grin:


I’m extremely interested in this project, but I’m a little hesitant, I’m afraid it’ll create some instability in my system… (Rpi3). Is my concern justified? Will this slow down OSMC loading or may create system crashes? (I flashed the OSMC img so many times over and over again these past few days, only now realized that the xperience1080 skin is incompatible, I don’t feel like reflashing again…).

And second question: The main reason I’ll want a browser is to go into login screens in hotel room WiFis. If I log in from the browser, get internet, then go back to OSMC\Kodi, will I have internet? A bit of a linux newbie question, I apologize…

Thanks, awesome work! :+1:


It will not slow down OSMC loading

It is stable from my experience

Yes, your hotel story should work as it is related to your mac address and underlying network is same


Thanks @fzinken, did an image backup and taking the plunge now…
Fingers crossed… :slight_smile:


I thought it could be useful to install wpa_gui as well, so I can connect to various networks without logging in and out of OSMC.
I followed this guide:

Seems to almost work… I did steps 2-7 only, and in step 5 replaced “pi” with “osmc”.
The result was that wpa_gui loads but says - “could not get status from wpa_supplicant”, and doesn’t show the wlan0 adapter. Not such a big deal, but would have been useful to have…


My pi uses ethernet so i’m no help here sorry