[TESTING] Standby mode for Vero 4K


Well, when I was on LibreELEC on a NUC, the “Turn off display when idle” had a huge impact on the CPU. I mean, Kodi didn’t have to “draw” anything then…

I still haven’t got any answer why this option isn’t available. For me that a better thing then the “fake suspend”…



Turning off the display is basically DPMS. It’s important to notice that features on a PC will differ to other devices.

I worked on a small screen saver which turns off the display. You could download this and set the screensaver to any interval. When it runs it will send no signal to your TV. It could be patched further to turn the TV off via CEC


Just to put this into context, I plugged the Vero into my digital power meter today, and once boot-up had settled down, with the Kodi home screen showing on my TV, the Vero was drawing a mighty 2.7W. Based on my electricity tariff per kWh, that works out at around 32p/month for non-stop stand-by use. During playback, power draw was in the region of 3 - 4 W (my blu ray player would be much more). On powering down the Vero, power consumption dropped to 1.3W. So regular use of a suspend mode could indeed save me some money, but it’s going to take a while to save up for those new speakers :slight_smile:

If the suspend mode helps keep my AVR in stand-by that will save me a few more pennies, every little helps.

Also, can I put in a plug for retaining network connectivity in suspend mode - my Vero remote has never been out of its wrapper, as I mainly use the Kodi app on my iPad.


The main request for this feature is the TMDS clock being shut down. I am very much behind this feature. Some users also like the idea of being able to standby.

I can bring down the power consumption a little bit more, but I think it’s safe to say that stopping network activity won’t be one of these methods.

Thanks for your measurements :slight_smile:



Just tried the Suspend mode, absolutely no change in power consumption, hovering around the 2.6/2.7W level, as per normal.


There will be power saving improvements in the future, but as mentioned, that is not really the goal of this suspend mode.


This is an Intel feature (DPMS)
You could try killing Kodi and running:

echo “standby 0” | cec-client -s

if that works, then we can send the standby signal via CEC to turn off the display. I’m not sure if people would want this by default however.



Been trying this out since the update.

Vero4k successful goes to suspend when choosing ‘suspend’ from the Menu…

And successfully wakes using any button on the included remote or and RC6 remote.

However i cant get it to suspend using the power toggle button on an RC6 remote like it would do with most other kodi systems.

What this means is i cant get a macro to turn on and off the Vero along with amp display etc


Keymap Editor will probably let you map a button to suspend



Is this integrated in the latest official update?
Just installed this and it is working as far as i can tell.

Thanks for integrating this, now i can forget again to turn of the tv :wink:


Yes – it’s now in the official update.