Testing OS X installer


I literally just built the installer from Git on my Mac to start debugging when I came across this…

I’m on a mac with an SD slot running Sierra - If you want me to run tests & build here please drop me a message or a reply or something along those lines, otherwise - Good luck :slight_smile:


That’s helpful. I’ll wait for @srmo to produce a test build. If we can’t work it out, it may help to have someone test it on Sierra directly.

Stay tuned.



On it :slight_smile:

Edit: Sierra will be released soon!


Did you successfully built the installer and gained any insight?


Hi folks. Here’s the experimental build. Please be aware that I had not the chance to test it on any other machine than my own. Please run it, see what happens and provide us with the info and logfile



Just ran on my Sierra VM and again it failed to detect the SD Card, the log is here.



Ejectable flag has been changed. Try this. Should keep working on OS X new, and old.

Try this:

diff --git a/installer/host/qt_host_installer/io_osx.cpp b/installer/host/qt_host_installer/io_osx.cpp
index 56de438..9cdf94d 100644
--- a/installer/host/qt_host_installer/io_osx.cpp
+++ b/installer/host/qt_host_installer/io_osx.cpp
@@ -207,6 +207,8 @@ namespace io
                    QString ejectable = QString(line.split(":").at(1).simplified());
                    if (0 == QString("Yes").compare(ejectable, Qt::CaseInsensitive))
                        isEjectable = true;
+                   if (0 == QString("Removable").compare(ejectable, Qt::CaseInsensitive))
+                       isEjectable == true;
                    utils::writeLog("Determined " + ejectable + " as ejactableProperty for " + diskPath);
                else if (line.simplified().startsWith("Protocol:"))

(diff is vanilla, doesn’t cover changes a few hours ago). Pretty sure current evaluation of RO is fine, and doesn’t need my suggestion made in Slack.

We need to clean this up in V2.


Hi, this here is a test version with a potential fix.
Please test this. If you have a pre-Sierra version available, it would be much appreciated if you can give this version a whirl on pre-Sierra too, to find potential regressions.


Looking forward to your feedback.
If you encounter any problem, please provide the installer’s log-file.


Success on Sierra!

OSMC also boots off the created SD card without issue

I can provide the installer log if you’re interested?

It also seems to work great on El Capitan, haven’t booted off that one yet… If there are issues I’ll post.


Thanks for verifying



Updated installer with support for Sierra is now pushed live and available on our website.

Thanks for your testing and feedback. I’ll mark this thread as solved and close. Please start a new thread if any new issues crop up.



Installer not seeing SD cards on OS X