[TESTING] Kodi 16 (Jarvis) test builds for OSMC


Hi repat

Sorry my mistake, but you must update also the directory “metadata.common.themoviedb.org

The Movie Database Scraper Library" version="2.14.0

Then all runs flawlessly.


Thanks, all is working fine again!


Jarvis Final has been released.


\o/ jarvis released.

Will test krypton when it will be in beta thanks for this it was very useful.

Enjoy your updates


Hi Guibaa,

Thanks for sharing the fix! I have noticed Jarvis has now been released. Do you recommend me to update to it instead (ie. would the MovieDB scraper be up-to-date in Jarvis-final?). Also, do you know how can I update from RC3 to stable? (is this automatic via myosmc?)



Do you recommend me to update to it instead (ie. would the MovieDB scraper be up-to-date in Jarvis-final?)

I do not know, we have to wait until the final Sam announces for all platforms OSMC version of KODI 16.0. I assume that all current addons are thus available then.

Also, do you know how can I update from RC3 to stable? (is this automatic via myosmc?)

I think Sam will distribute Kodi 16.0 Final determined within the next OSMC update.

Let us practice in patience :slight_smile:



I was looking to upgrade to the latest jarvis release, I am currently on 14.2 release which is quite old. I want to backup all my watched/unwatched data, my hyperion config, and NFS sources. I was told the best way to backup is to save the .kodi directory but I cannot find this folder anywhere in SSH. Once I have these backed up do I simply run the commands via terminal in the thread or should I do a clean install of the latest release then run the commands? Thanks.

Edit: Was able to get everything backed up even though I still couldn’t SSH to the .kodi folder with the hidden files turned off in appearance settings.


So it seems you answered already part of your question yourself. .kodi is a hidden directory (indicated by the “.”) where the location is /home/osmc/.kodi

When you upgrade from 14.2 to 16 this is quite a big step and many of your addons might not work and other issues my appear.

Also you are posting in a “testing” thread that has expired, please be aware that Jarvis is already the main version on OSMC.


I had no idea Jarvis was on the main version thanks for the info. I suppose I just run the OSMC installer for a clean install and restore what I can?


Yes, would be the best. just if you want to restore your databases you might after booting up the new version delete that new databases, copy your old and hope they are upgraded (can take some time) after reboot.


Install went perfectly fine still can’t find .kodi folder even with the hidden folders turned off, any suggestions? This would make restoration a lot easier if I could SSH here. http://boonce.org/up/7135_123.jpg


Not sure if that is just an issue of wording but obviously you want hidden folders turned on means to display hidden folders


Sorry for the wording, Show Hidden Folders option is enabled. In addition, is there only two skins available at the moment, osmc and confluence because I do not see an “get more” option. Apologies for the ongoing noob questions in this test thread but I am really driven at the moment to get this setup.

EDIT: WinSCP did not have the option to show hidden files enabled and now it worked finally. THANKS.


While the skins working on Jarvis are limited there should definitely be more than 2. And there should be a get more option. Check again


I’ve looked everywhere in the skin options I cannot find get more anywhere. Other than that I have just everything restored flawlessly thanks again for your assistance.

EDIT: Something automatically updated and the get more option is available. Consider my issues solved and further ones will be in the support thread.


Still no joystick/gamepad support?