[TESTING] Improved multi-channel PCM for Vero 4K


Only on specific speaker channels?


I just tried to record the distorted sound, but unfortunately everything was fine. I tested in difference to yesterday when the sound was distorted with my projector turned on (24Hz capability) and today I have only my small Monitor (60Hz) attached. Maybe this could be the cause. I will heck later on with the projection turned on.
Yesterday the distortion was an all 7 speakers.


Vorführeffekt! :grin:

Ok, may we ask that we get some logs from the original issue playing DTS?

For that you need to:

  1. activate logging: GUI settings -> system -> logging, activate all flags (at the left bottom you can change the view level to expert if you don’t see all at first)

  2. reboot the Vero via GUI

  3. reproduce the issue with playback of DTS material (try a normal one first)

  4. upload the log via MyOSMC in the GUI -> log uploader (all configs and logs) and provide the returned URL here

thx in advance


Yes I have it disabled. I will perform the test as suggested by JimKnopf asap.



here is the log. After having started the Vero with the projector the distortion is here:


sample will follow…


Here is the sample:



The sample doesn’t work here… It doesn’t contain any audio information. Can you maybe upload it to some site like DropBox and provide a link?


Hi Wuschel_Wuschel and @heimkino-hacki

I’ve edited heimkino-hacki’s post so the dropbox link, now works correctly.

Thanks Tom.


Thank you very much. Don’t know what went wrong…


just for information for others with same problems.
I re-encolded all my DTS Music CDs into flac Multichannel format with Xrecode 3. All audio will be recognized perfectly and now, I can use my Vero4K also for all kind of music.

Nice weekend for you all,


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