Sad face loop after OSMC's August update



I’m having the same Sad face issue after update i did last night on raspberry pi 2 model B. I also did clean reinstall that went smooth. But after firts reboot all started to fall apart. I didnt get sad face but system never booted up and it stuck on logo message: faied to start login service, failed to start avahi mdns/dns-sd stack, failed to start conmman conn service, depend: dependency failed for set time using http query.


That all points to a broken SD Card, suggest to get a new one or run a full test on it.


Frinken thanks for help, but why this happened after update? Did update broke card? How you run full test card?


Well during the update quite some data is written to the card so therefore a very likely time for a issue to be shown

Use H2testw


Thanks for your kind help


The problem arose even without EPG. Just putting in my m3u it starts the sad face loop.
The funny thing is, following the exact same steps:

Install -> go trough the default options in setup guide -> put in m3u remote adress and epg remote adress IPTV Simple Client -> enable IPTV Simple Client.

on 2017.07-1 it works flawless.
on 2017.08-1 sad face loop.
on 2017.09-2 sad face loop.



If you could please disable iptv as I’ve described as above, or reinstall and update; then enable debug logs. Then re-enable iptv, without epg. Then from the Command-line, upload logs:

grab-logs -A

Thanks Tom.


Sorry I didn’t reply to you, but I was away in September.

When got back it took more than a week to restore my disks (with the help of Recuva) and reorganizing all media in folders since all the files were restored to the root of the disk…
That was fun… since it took 3 days to recuva to find the files from one disk, 3 days more to restore the files and 2 days for me to reorganize things…

At last, I did the reinstallation, and for the last month and half things were working fine.

Today though it is broken again. It is not the sad face loop anymore, it’s an error message:
FATAL ERROR: Could not find a suitable init on the root filesystem
sh: can’t open /dev/tty1: no such file

The worst part is it cleaned both my disks again, they are completely empty as before! I’m very upset because it took so long last time to recover everything and organize it the way it was before…



If you experienced this problem regularly, then it would suggest some issue perhaps with Vero 4K’s internal storage.

However the fact that you also experienced data loss on two other drives suggests that something has erased all of the data from the root partition itself. Disks would be mounted under /media and unfortunately this would explain why the data would be erased on these disks.

What isn’t so easily explainable however is what invoked the removal of these files and for what reason. However, OSMC by default will not do this. I would suggest reinstalling OSMC and putting some files as a test on an external drive. After a few days when you are satisfied that this isn’t caused by OSMC, and only then, I would suggest that you start installing any add-ons / configuring OSMC as it was before. If you add the add-ons one at a time, you will find the problem.

Unfortunately we are not responsible for third party add-ons, and I do suspect that this is where the problem lies.



Hi Sam,

I have no add-ons that I think could be causing this. They are all common add-ons. I had Youtube, Autosubs and Open subtitles. I also had Transmission active. I use this as a simple media center device.

Last time it took over a month and half for it to happen again. I don’t find it reasonable to reinstall everything and put the disks all together again, which will take me over a week, for this to happen again after one or two months.

This time recuva did not even recover a large percentage of my files like last time, I lost a lot of things.

Kind Regards,


We also contend that there is no method or reason by which osmc can be responsible for your connected drives being wiped. You are the only user who has reported such behavior?

Do you by chance port forward 22 for remote ssh access?


You shouldn’t be losing data,
OSMC won’t touch an attached drive.

If OSMC was ruining drives and data, we’d have been called out on this many a time beforehand.

That begins to sound like a HW problem to me.

If it happens again, let us know and keep the system online so we can look in to why.


@ActionA I only had the port 9091 opened for Transmission.

@sam_nazarko It has now happened two times. Both times, the device has stoped working completely out of nowhere and my drives have been wiped clean. I do not find it reasonable for you to be asking that I setup everything again to have this happen a third time.

I’ve always been a fan of your products and recommended OSMC to everyone who heard me. I started with your Raspberry Pi 2 starter kit and later was first in line to buy Vero 4k when it was launched. One of the things I’ve always mentioned when recommending your products was how fast you address issues and provide support.

But this “it is not my problem” attitude you’re having is making me rethink my choices. My device is not working properly and you’re just telling me to keep doing the same thing over again. I’m losing a lot of data every time this happens not to mention the time it takes me to put everything together again. To do the same thing again is not a solution.



I’m sorry that things aren’t working as expected for you. I’d like to help you get them fixed.

We’re not asking you to repeatedly set up your device. The fact is that you should be able to install OSMC once and that should be it; unless you make changes that change the system behaviour significantly enough to warrant an installation.

My advice was to start with a fresh installation of OSMC and add make changes to the system slowly to see if we could identify the problem as being caused by a specific add-on or change on your system.

Thanks for letting me know that you’ve had the device since it was launched. I hope you can appreciate that this is a peculiar issue. We’ve seen corruption of the filesystem on Pi and Vero 4K before; but this doesn’t usually extend to attached media, as OSMC doesn’t store system files there.

We can get this swapped out on an RMA. But to save time, and avoid you ending up receiving another device where you experience the problem, and we then discover that it’s related to some customisations made or attached peripherals, it would be better to work on identifying the problem first.

As I understand it, you currently have a non-booting device. As such, the next logical step would be to install OSMC so that you can boot. It would then be good if you could make your customisations, and then forward SSH details to me so that I can log in to your device and see what the problem is.

I could understand the eMMC on the Vero 4K potentially developing a fault, and corruption preventing the device from booting. What I can’t get my head around is why attached media would also suffer data loss. Can you confirm whether the attached drives are being powered independently of the Vero 4K?

I’d be happy to take a call if you’d like to discuss this or jump on TeamViewer and take a look





Sorry for the delay in answering, but I got busy with work.

That’s all I’m asking, a just want this problem resolved and get back to enjoying osmc. :slightly_smiling_face:

I installed osmc but I didn’t install anything else besides youtube. What should be the next steps? Should I setup everything or should I install things step by step to test between those steps?

The drives are connected to the electricity, but one of them is connected to a hub that doesn’t have power.
The drives that I have are these two:



Install everything. You can take a backup in My OSMC to a USB stick to avoid too much reconfiguration if it happens again.

Don’t connect the USB drives for a while if you can.
If all is fine, connect one drive at a time. Powered one first if you can.

It will take a bit of time to find the problem but you will find it this way if it’s a hardware issue.

Failing that, we’ll get you a new unit out, no problem.



Hi Sam,

Thanks for your reply, I haven’t been able to do that yet because I’ve been very busy with work lately but I’ll try doing that during this week and will get back to you.

Kind Regards,


Cool. Keep us posted. We want to resolve this promptly for you


I’m experiencing the same problems posted here. Fresh install, only PVR Simple IPTV client installed and URL configured = sad face loop.
So I’ll stay tuned if any solution arises. Thank you for your time.


Can you pull a log from the device? It may not be related to the problems experienced above.