Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


Excuse my wording, putting it on the roadmap doesn’t equal a promise of course.


Please just enable 3D support in KODI 17. Don’t care about KODI 18 if 3D works on 17.


Hi! I’m new to the thread and just realizing that I know much less about 3D formats than I thought. I just installed the latest version of OSMC in my RPi3, but really looking forward to get a Vero 4K. I rip all my discs (UHD, 2D, 3D & DVD) to ISO’s with the hope of some day being able to play any movie I own from a Netflix / Plex - like menu. I tried to play a BD 3D ISO and as previously noted, I can’t access the menu in 3D (it defaults to 2D), but if I choose the main file, I’m able to watch the movie in 3D as if watching it straight from a BD player. For me, that’s good enough, but am I missing something or getting less resolution than I should? I still don’t understand well all the fuss about the support for frame-packed 3D. Isn’t frame-packed 3D what I’m watching from my 3D ISO’s? Any insight will be really appreciated.


The answer is simple: The RPi3 can play full frame 3D. The Vero4k not. For 3D videos the Vero4K is therefore a step back in comparison to your RPI3.


Thank you very much!


The team are testing 3D MVC Playback with Frame Packed output in Slack currently.

@Chief_Gutmaster — did you enable Full HDMI Outpur? If not — then you’re getting SBS or TB output for your 3D files which is already supported on Vero 4K



Hi Sam! I did. Interesting you asked; since I enabled full 3D HD, 2 new things happened: first, I’m not given the option for the Blu-Ray menu anymore and I’m taken straight to the movie file where I get to choose preferred (3D), 2D or other alternatives. Second, now not every 3D ISO plays. Either: one, it plays fine with the above options; two, it shows a blu-ray menu for the 2D version; three, it clicks, but nothing happens; or four, I get one of different screens stating that my player does not support 3D. I have tried turning off the 3D HD feature, but it does not “rollback” to playing every ISO. I’m about to re-burn the OSMC image to the SD card and start from scratch to see what happens.


Without logs it’s hard to speculate.

Even then, 3D on Pi is much of a black box scenario, so it’s hard to advise.


Hi Sam,

Is 3D support going to be enabled for Kodi 17? If so are you able to put a time frame on it?



Yes – there will be at least half-resolution output in the near future. There’s some testing being done, but hints detection still needs a couple of fixes.

No time frame.


Sigh… half resolution output is no better than just passing through SBS which we can already do. All that really matters to me is full-res MVC support.


Currently, it’s not possible to play back MVC content as SBS or T/B. So it’s an improvement there.

If you enable Full HDMI mode support, then we will send a Frame Packed signal. We don’t expect all displays to support this however: so it is an option that must be enabled manually.



What I mean is - anyone who is fine with half-resolution 3D doesn’t need any special hardware support to play it. You just encode it as SBS and you’re done. Your 3D TV can decode it natively.

The whole reason I have MVC files is because I want to watch 3D in full resolution. There’s no benefit to me to being able to display them in half-res. I would have already encoded everything as SBS if that was all I wanted. The whole value of the MVC format is for full-res display.

So I guess I’ll hang on to the Zidoo X8 a bit longer…


Hi @sam_nazarko!
Any news on the main theme? SBS and half resolution isn´t what i´m waiting for! Is there any chance that playback of frame packed 3D ISO will be come in the next future?



Nothing has changed since my post two days ago.



@sam_nazarko… what does it mean? My english isn´t very good… i I don´t need output as SBS or other half resolution resolution, need output as full packed 3D in an ISO like other media player. At the moment i have an HiMedia Q5 for 3D playback and the vero for the rest and i wish to use the vero for all content! In february you wrote that a test build will come shortly so i´m ask will this test build arrive in the next time or is this theme dead?



There is already a test build available but it doesn’t work fully, so it needs more progress



Does anyone know if it’s possible to download a different media player to a Kodi based player to play 3D files? (Frame packed / iso)


On pc, yes.


This is what I would do right now: Get a Raspberry Pi 3 and OSMC or LibreElec (I’m using the latter). Flawless frame packed 3D from ISO/MKV. Getting this running on a PC, I’d say it’s not worth it when a Raspi3 is only 40 Euros.