Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


But this over/under isn’t the normal one with half the FullHD resolution per image, but it’s FullHD over/under which isn’t supported by most devices…


I’ve tried it, and the image will display in full without the over/under effect added, but the images don’t line up once the over/under is triggered.

They do on my LG TV’s internal software, oddly enough, but not using the Vero 4K with OSMC.


Yeah I understand that it’s full resolution rather than half resolution, and isn’t standard, but the 3D looks wildly wildly better that way.

I was just curious if that was something that could be fixed in software so I could encode them with Atmos sound and play them through one box going forward.


Yes – half-resolution MVC is not as challenging as FP output. We had half-resolution MVC working on Vero 2 before Kodi v17 (changes in Krypton broke this).



Thanks, Sam. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help with any of this.


Well, definitely! That’s the reason so many are waiting for the 3D MVC FP feature to come. And because there’s no trancoding necessary, a simple remux of a 3D Blu-ray would be sufficient…


Do you still think full resolution 3D is going to come? I would certainly buy another box if this was case. There is a fork working for krypton. Not sure if that is any help to you or not?


That fork appears to be for Microsoft Windows, which isn’t related to Vero 4K. I think it only uses ffmpeg for decoding as well; which would be quite limiting on an ARM based platform.


Yeah it is for windows. I was hoping some of the logic could be applied but sounds like it’s a no? I assume you’re not close to releasing a test build.


There’s been a little bit of ‘partial’ testing by some users on this forum.
The hint detection might be re-usable, but is not the more involving part. The difficult part is AV InfoFrame signalling and configuring the decoder correctly.



I’m a bit confused by this discussion. I thought full resolution MVC support was what this was all about. Isn’t half res SBS just natively supported by 3D TV’s anyway? I’ve never had a problem playing those files with a plain old Fire TV with a Plex client or whatever. All I care about is full res MVC.


It is about full resolution MVC… Half resolution SBS is working already with the Vero 4k. The discussion about these was just a side discussion with @clawforce.

This thread is about the playback implementation of the 3D Blu-ray standard: framepacked 3D.


It depends.

  • SBS content can already be played back correctly on Vero 4K
  • MVC content cannot yet be played back and output as SBS on Vero 4K
  • MVC content cannot yet be played back and output as Frame Packed on Vero 4K

The last two are what we’re working on.


Are we any closer on this Sam?


I have a forceable option and will make a test thread shortly. We’re making a lot of progress with things lately.



Wow great news.


indeed. holding me back from my vero being my primary media player!

cant wait to test this


Any idea when the test build will be available?


When it’s ready :slight_smile:

It will be tested by the internal team first.



great to hear this is coming around nicely, have to start ripping my 3D BD now i guess :wink: