Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


I just purchased a box. Eagerly anticipating the arrival of 3D MVC…


I’ve just bought one too and am looking forward to trying out the 3D. I think it’s more popular than a lot of people think.

A basic question I have is about the file type.

Years ago I had a HiMedia 900b and it played 3D ISO files as if the disc was in a player. What’s the reason this can’t be done on the Vero 4K? Is it to do with Kodi?

Also what is 3D MVC? If I had a 3D Blu Ray and ripped to my computer, then extracted the MKV out of it with makemkv. Is that a 3D MVC file? And is it that file that will give us proper 3D like it does from the disc. (Not SBS or TAB)


Do you mean can you insert a disk in to a USB player and play it on Vero 4K without ripping? This isn’t going to possible for the near future.



Sorry to be unclear. The HiMedia would accept a 3D Blu Ray ISO file and play it from a HDD with full menus in proper 3D, not SBS or TAB. (As if you were watching it on a disc)

That’s what I meant.


Menus are not going to be possible at this time.
ISO and MKV features are the goal however.


Menus aren’t important. I was giving an example of what a player did about 5 years ago and wondered if 3D ISO is not possible now because of KODI or for another reason?

So if you rip a 3D Blu Ray to ISO. Then use makemkv to rip an MKV file. Is this file classed as 3D MCV? And will that play in frame packed 3D?


Yes to both.


Will it be in here or a new thread? (Forgot to quote above, made no sense so posted again)


A new thread.



Chomping at the bit for this Sam - when do you reckon it might be ready for test?


Soon is the best I can say. I’ll need a lot of testers for this



Count me in!


Me too I’ll do whatever testing I can. Have almost every 3D blu ray disc that has been released, just would need time to transfer to HDD.

I hope your ‘soon’ is the same as mine. 21:31 this evening. :o)


me too. ok if it isnt right the first time.

this is a big deal for me. well over 50 titles in 3D and when they pop up i continue to buy them.


I also am keen for this to go ahead. I volunteer for testing, if needed, but am just an end user as I don’t even know how to do ‘logs’. All I can do is say if it works, or not.


@sam_nazarko I´m willing to test it too!


Just to add, I too have been keenly keeping tabs on this thread since the very positive AVforums review of the Vero4k in Sept 2017.

If 3D is added as suggested I’ll be very keen to buy.


I just received my Vero 4K and have been taking the time to get it set up similar to my previous Kodi build (I’ve been using XBMC since the original XBOX days).

I’m happy to help with testing on MVC 3D once the availability is there.

Further, I encode my own over/under 3D files from the BluRay using DVDFab 10 at a 3840 x 1612 resolution. These resolve using the player inside my LG OLEDE6P, but it can’t handle Atmos sound, so I purchased this box hoping that it would be able to do everything. Obviously from reading the middle of this thread, right now it can’t.

If I can provide you with video files to help get the software able to resolve these files in over/under, I am very happy to do so!


Have you tried it? Over/under should work or not?


TB and SBS output should be easier to achieve than FP output.