Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


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OP on that thread said:

Full Frame (Frame Packed) 3D is the only version of 3D that anyone that wants 3D cares about.

This cannot be overstated. It is all that matters.

We had 3D MVC working with SBS output for Kodi v16 (Jarvis).

This doesn’t matter. I can encode any source to SBS offline using a number of tools. Most people with significant video libraries I’m sure already re-encode all their own source material (e.g. with handbrake) for space reasons anyway.

If making it work with SBS is a prerequisite to framepacked output, then fine, but as a goal, or even as an interim goal, it’s of no value to me whatsoever, for two critical reasons:

  1. I can make my own SBS videos already from MVC offline, that will play with every off the shelf box
  2. SBS halves the horizontal resolution. (Technically 4k by 2k SBS is possible, but I tried that long ago and it has very spotty player and TV support and there are other problems like playback artifacts).

So anyone who’s really serious about 3D, likely most of the participants in this thread, don’t care about any 3D support unless it’s true framepacked support. If I only cared about half-resolution 3D, I’d simply be encoding all my videos offline and just be watching half-res 3D instead of being here talking about it. (What I’m doing instead is using a Zidoo X8 just for 3D, but it’s such a cantankerous machine and has so many bugs. Glad I can usually get through a 3D movie with it once in a while, but I’d never use it unless I had to).


I would really love the framepacked mvc to work, could be a long time before we see it if we’re waiting for Leia to be finalised and only then work to start on it!


Sam, can OSMC do 3D on a pi 3? I’m going to get one to tide me over until the Vero can do 3D


MKV yes – not sure about ISO at the moment.


Great, mkv is what I need. Its full frame packed output I presume?


I might do the same and buy a Pi as a temp measure. Can we buy from your store so you can make something on the Pi sale?


Unfortunately we don’t stock the Pi as it’s not something we can make any money on, but I appreciate the gesture.


I don’t like shooting you down, but I have 3D projector (Epson EH-TW5350) with active glasses. :stuck_out_tongue:


Any update on 3d status?

I need 3d so trying to decide between Vero which will do ATMOS, etc and rpi3 which does 3d but no atmos, etc. . . .



We’re not there yet…


I’d go with Vero. 3D should be fixed relatively soon, so you will have supported everything in the end. I replaced rpi3 with vero few months ago and it is much faster and more responsive, which is nice bonus.


If you read back in this very thread, you’ll see that frame-packed 3D output was “being worked on” 18 months ago, but there’s no still no sign of it actually happening. If I were you, I wouldn’t hold your breath.


@angry.sardine The latest post was that it was postponed untill Leia was released then it would be worked on again.


I want to believe, but as someone who’s been waiting 18 months I honestly don’t. The device I bought on the expectation it would support 3D isn’t even the flagship anymore, it’s been so long! There have been many explanations why it’s not done that keep changing. It’s clear it’s just not a priority.

Don’t get me wrong. I love my Vero 4K and I don’t regret the purchase, but given the history, I think it would be foolish to buy just because of the expectation that it may support 3D frame packed output sometime soon. If that is your killer feature then you should buy something else that supports it now or keep waiting.


It was never explicitly promised that 3D would be implemented. However, if Sam and the gang are determined to have the perfect Kodi device then there’s no way around it :slight_smile:


The continual line of “frame packed output is in the works” was touted in reviews and on this forum.

In fact it was stated that it was “not far off - month?” back in Jun 17.

So i think its more than fair to say that this was a feature that has been continually suggested to prospective buyers and owners that would be implemented soon.


Let’s just kill that expectation then.

Assume it won’t happen. Don’t buy expecting it, etc.


Well unfortunately that would have been helpful for myself and others 18 months ago when you seemed very willing for it to be an expectation.

Between then and now a ‘sorry’ might have gone a way to softening the disappointment some of us have felt with this not being delivered.


I am truly sorry about this.

I don’t want to give any false hope or expectations, so it’s simpler to say it will never happen, regardless of whether it will or not.

The problem is that I did try and outline the pre-requisites for work continuing (v18 being final); and what needs to be done, but this hasn’t been received well. v18 still is not final; so I haven’t resumed work on this yet.

I don’t like to advise that things will be released soon; or advise people to buy a product based on something that it does not yet do. But I genuinely expected that Vero 4K / 4K + would be able to do 3D FP. Unfortunately things on a Kodi side changed.

I was planning to give that sorry when things weren’t working with Kodi v18; but that’s not been the case.

For now – consider it dead.




Please please please don’t give up on 3D. This player will be the only player needed if you get 3D working - I reckon you’ll clean up the whole market place.
Having Forced subtitles makes this the player to go to…3D makes it the only player to go to