Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


My Vero 4K+ has yet to arrive, but when it does, I’d be very happy to help out with testing anything 3D-related, if that would help. My TV is an LG OLED65G6.

Comments on other issues raised in this thread:

  • Virtually all of my 3D stuff is ripped to MKV rather than ISO.

  • More than happy to rename files with any necessary naming convention.

A final (possibly stupid) question: is there likely to be any difference in image quality between frame-packed 3D output from Vero 4K (once it’s working) and RPi 3B+? (This thread on the Kodi forums suggests not all media players have identical image quality in 3D: )


I’m surprised Kodi doesn’t support ISO 3D by now.


I can test this as well, Sam - please let us know when there are supported builds.


Any updates?


Sorry – I haven’t had a chance to revisit this yet.
I’ll do so when v18 is finalised as that has significant changes re. handling of 3D and is already in beta.



Approximately when is that likely to be?


You’ll have to ask the Kodi developers. But likely longer than days or weeks.


so this 3d is on hold till kodi version 18?




I see that Kodi v18 Beta 2 is now out. Does anyone happen to know how many beta versions there were of v17 before it was a final release?

It might sound off topic in the 3D thread but it’s now V18 we are waiting for to activate our 3D dreams. :slight_smile:


They release betas until they feel it’s ready for release. There is no schedule.


Kodi 17 had seven betas and four release candidates, I wouldn’t expect v18 to drop before christmas. That being said, I can’t imagine any 3D breaking changes still happening but it’s of course of up to the OSMC team to decide when to resume progress on 3D.


Please can I ask why 3D frame packing doesn’t work at the moment. The Kodi wiki shows that v17 brought improvements from v16. But it specifically mentions Raspberry PI. I would thought the Vero 4K is more capable than a PI.

I’m not moaning or being negative about it. I just saw this and wondered what’s happened to break it. Curious that’s all.


They are different hardware platforms. It’s not a matter of horsepower.

Pi implements it in a closed source manner


And are the people behind Kodi changing something major in V18 that makes it easier to implement for you and other media player manufacturers?




The test build you supplied a month back didn’t work for frampacked video. It was only TAB. Do you have another test build available? I would love to test again. Thanks!


I’ll resume test builds after Leia is finalised




Thanks for the detailed explanation.

I may get shot down here but I would have thought the majority of people own LG passive 3D displays.

The reason I mention that is because you mention it only working for certain display types. Would it help you to know what type of displays people are generally using?


My TV is the (4K) Samsung 55" JS9000, which uses Active Shutter 3D glasses.