Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


Mark text with mouse and press quote


Thanks for the advice but I’m using a phone to view. I’ll try again on another post next time.


Than use “finger” instead of “mouse” :wink:


Oh I see! I was trying to do it within the reply box! Cheers!


Haven’t tried the build but if it basically works I guess most of us would be fine with a manual approach:

  1. Have a manual switch in the settings which says that you have a capable display
  2. Have 3D in the filename which tells Kodi to switch to the 3D decoder without having to perform elaborate hints detection.
  3. Only support MKV

While it would be obviously great to have fully automatic framepacked 3D ISO/MKV support I could very well live with that.


The build doesn’t work though. Was hoping we would get another one to play with by now since it sounded like there was one that worked in the past.


It would be good to know the state of play on this.


If we made the requirement of ‘3DMVC’ in the filename, I do imagine things would be easier to handle.



I just want to see that it can actually work first. Renaming files would suck but if it works then ok I guess.


Others have tested and confirmed it as working.

Unfortunately if renaming is not acceptable I don’t have a solution at this time that doesn’t cause issues with non 3D content



I haven’t seen any report of frame packing 3D as working. I have tested it myself and it didn’t work.

MVC MKV decoding does work, but the ouput is H-TAB.


Renaming (filename ends with _3D) is completely fine with me. Thumbs up.


Renaming would be fine with me. Would this mean that proper frame packing would work?


The last test package did not output frame packed 3D. It was TAB. Can you please provide another test package? Does the file need to be named the way you suggest in order for it to work?


Changing a few file names is absolutely fine with me. Wouldn’t take more than a few minutes to an evening (depending on ones library) of tinkering with file names. Amazing.


Did you enable Frame Packed output under Settings? You will get TAB if you don’t do this.


Yes. Reported this a month ago and you asked same question. Check back 28 days ago. User named wesk05 is reporting the same thing.


OK – I will re-check. I only have one display to test 3D FP on unfortunately.




If there is a new build to test, I’m more than happy to test it as have some 3D ISO’s and SBS content