Playback of packed 3D (3D ISO)


It’s coming home

3D’s coming home


I don’t think I saw any setting related to frame packing 3D ouput. I remember only seeing side by side and top and bottom. I can check again tonight.


How do you install this file? Is there a guide? I searched and I’m not really sure. If I do install it does it mess up fstab setup?


These are the 3D options in “Player” settings. You can see that all of them are enabled. I still get only SBS and TAB outputs. As mentioned earlier, SBS output is probably TAB with incorrect 3D structure signaling.


Out of interest: which TV brand and model are you testing this with, @wesk05?



The install is only updating kodi, nothing else won’t touch the rest of system; so it won’t effect your fstab. This is a test build so as always make a back of your settings, in case you you need to reinstall osmc. I would install it like this (from the commandline):

sudo systemctl stop mediacenter
sudo dpkg -i 180711174701-vero3-mediacenter-osmc.deb
sudo systemctl start mediacenter (or reboot) 

Thanks Tom.


Two older 3D displays: Sony W802A (2013) and Samsung UHD JS8500 (2015). Both support frame packing 3D.


This doesn’t work for me. I get an error that says can’t access archive and then the pkg name


Where have you downloaded the package to?


C:/ drive on computer



It needs to be on the verok, I’d copy it to a sdcard or usb drive. When you connect the storage is will show as folder in /media. cd in to that folder and run the commands in my above post.

Thanks Tom.


Thanks. I tested as well and it doesn’t work properly. It’s not framepacked. It’s TAB


Did you enable the frame packed output?



Yes. Enabled that and the stereo option too. Turned them off as well and it played the file in 2D. Turned them back on and it played the file in 3D but not framepacked. Only TAB.


Hi Sam. Will there be another test package?


There will be some internal builds soon.
Please see the above comments.



Some of the recent UHD projectors (Optoma, Acer, …) support 3D, but according to manuals and forums expect 120 Hz input (not sure if this qualifies as frame packing?).

Can/will Vero 4K support such output?


HFR 120 is on the list. The hardware is capable.

I would be surprised if this is a requirement of these projectors however.

We need a use case to implement it to be honest.



Maybe it’s not a HW requirement, but it’s definitely a firmware requirement. See the guide.

Choose this item while using DLP 3D glasses, 120Hz 3D capable graphics cards with corresponding SW player.

And the 3D feature is really disabled unless it receives such a signal - at least on my Acer M550.

Not sure what you exactly mean by a use case. For me the use case is being able to play 3D movies on my projector, though the whole 3D movie idea seems to be dwindling.


Sam said - (not sure how to quote on here!)

Yes — that’s what it means. It always invokes the 3D decoder which won’t work for non MVC material. So you have to manually turn this off every time you switch between 2D and 3D content for now until hints detection is improved.

End of quote.

Forgive the ignorance. But could you have some sort of code that checks of the name of the folder or name of the movie file? If it has ‘3D’ in the title name or folder name then switch to 3D mode? ie Tomb Raider (2018) 3D