With all the IPTV programs available for kodi/osmc it would be nice to have a PIP (picture in picture) feature in Osmc/Kodi. Especially with sport channels it can be very usefull.


OSMC has no bearing on this. You should be requesting on Kodi forums but, I’m pretty sure this is not something that would be easy to accomplish, particularly on such a cross-platform program such as Kodi. Lower performance platforms, Raspi particularly, would likely never have enough grunt to accomplish this.


Unless this pip function will be in a different Hz (slower) and lower resolution than a normal TV (it doesnt have to be fullspeed tv of course…


PIP has been discussed at Kodi forums they are reworking the video player as for how good it would perform under a rpi that is the real question


Found this thread searching for PIP, as I now have a use case for it.

I’ve got a Vero 4K and it would obviously have the horsepower to decode something like 1080p with a 480p PIP, since it can handle 2160p. But, that’s just based on the raw number of pixels.

So, what I’d like to know is if the Kodi video player config did change to allow PIP playback, does the hardware of the 4K make it easy to pass two streams to the decode hardware then do some sort of overlay to end up with PIP? Or, would software decoding be required for at least one stream, thus limiting the PIP resolution?


Vero 4K’s SoC supports multi instance decoding. However, these commits have been reverted as this is quite new and not ready for prime time yet.

Whether this could be done would depend on Kodi as well as improvement on the multi-instance mode from the SoC vendor.



Good to know there’s at least a chance. Hopefully they improve the support in the next year or so. I’ve just started the looking at backlog of my BluRays with PIP commentary that I haven’t been able to watch, and still don’t want to buy an actual BluRay player if I can avoid it.


More info here https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=263737

Prob looking v19 or v20