OSMC Security Update for OSMC 2016.04-1 and earlier


I have downloaded the latest OSMC installer for Raspberry Pi 3, on Windows and it is not giving me the option of 2017-04-2 it’sonly giving me the option of 2017-04-1. I have gone with that install and it was only installing Kodi 17.1. So I went in to the updater settings and ran the update but itstill only updated to Kodi 17.2 not 17.3 with the secrutiy fix. Please could you let me know how I can gt my Raspberry Pi 3 on to OSMC Kodi 17.3?
Many thanks for your help



Kodi v17.2 is the version with the security fix. Kodi v17.3 has not been released yet.



Thanks for your reply Sam, sorry I am still a little confused though as the Kodi website details 17.3 as being the bug fix and security update - https://kodi.tv/article/kodi-v173-minor-bug-fix-and-security-release - and my firestick has upgraded to the 17.3 version.

Many thanks