OSMC on Apple TV. Better than ever


Yeah, do not install any updates (via OSMC GUI or via terminal session) because it breaks video driver and there will be no image output on TV. This issue is discussing in this thread.

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Why don’t I have a wireless connection anymore after the install? (I still have the wireless card installed, and worked 10 minutes before the install)



You need to be a lot more specific than that.

10 minutes before the install, what were you running?

Which USB dongle do you have? If you are referring to the internal WiFi chipset, then there are instructions on the forum, and I will also add support in the next update




Hi Sam, my bad.
Running simple Apple OS. Used the new OSMC HDD install via USB. It installed, OSMC menu comes up, walks me through the wizard, however built in wireless is not working.



I see. If you have a search there are some instructions on getting the internal wireless to run

I would recommend using an official OSMC dongle for WiFi connectivity and a CrystalHD card for the best playback performance



Is the Apple TV installation on HDD available at this moment? The only option I had using the OSMC installer was USB thumbdrive.



Just select the HDD image. You still need to write it to a USB thumb drive to boot.



I installed it on the Hard Drive but the performance was poor compared to OE 4.1 (the version I’ve been using for the past couple of years). However I loved OSMC’s whole linux approach and the fact I can install apt-get unlike OE.

A couple of weeks ago chewitt pointed me to OE 6 community build and although is a great improvement over 4.1 I fell in love with OSMC and it’s possibilities. Do you think the custom OSMC skin is the culprit of the bad performance I’m getting? (besides the old hardware, of course). I mean the thing was barely usable, random freezes on HD content that did play ok on OE and the processor use was beyond the roof.

Same hardware, same media but for some reason on OSMC I only get kinda good performance with media below 480p / 1Mpbs while OE runs fine with files up to 720p / 2Mbps



This doesn’t sound right at all.

Do you have the CrystalHD card?
Did you try changing skin to Confluence?

You should really start a new post with some logs.



I don’t have the CrystalHD, have always preferred having the internal HD and keeping the box simple. I didn’t try changing the skin, maybe that’s all it’s needed. On Gotham and previous I used Quartz, beyond Gotham I’ve using AppTV. Do you think the OSMC’s skin is hogging the little resources of the ATV?




As mentioned – you should ideally start a new thread about this. You can verify whether the OSMC skin is problematic or not by changing to another skin.

Installing a CrystalHD card does not require you to remove the internal drive. You would just be removing the internal WiFi card.

Keep in mind Gotham (13.1) is less resource consuming than newer versions of Kodi. This will also be a factor. I think some people are comparing performance to older versions (Crystalbuntu) which used older versions of Kodi / XBMC and in turn demanded fewer resources.

I’ll revisit AppleTV with v17.




Sorry, I didn’t mean HD but WiFi. I will start a new thread, test different skins and post de htop output on processor usage.

We both can agree than installing a CrystalHD today on the ATV makes no sense in most scenarios (moneywise) considering current prices on ARM devices…

I thoght about Gotham being less resource consuming, but OE 6 is based on a more recent version (Jarvis I think) and runs just as good as OE4 based on Gotham.

At the moment I have OE 6 installed on the ATV but will make a USB image of OSMC to boot from and post my findings in a new thread. The goal (for me at least) is to get OSMC running just as good as OE 6 on my device wihouth tweaking the hardware, not only beacause I like the hardware and it’s cheap today but also because I think there’s value on it and regardless of how good OE 6 is it’s limited by the lack of apt-get and standard linux tools, which makes OSMC far superior for me at this point.



This may have been addresses before but does OSMC only run on AppleTV 1st generation? I have AppleTV 2nd gen and I know that Kodi 14.2 can be installed. Would prefer OSMC, especially since it supports up to Kodi v16.






I see that it was written in the beginning that “OSMC is going to be supported on Apple TV until at least 2017.” Hmm. We’re into February 2017 now and I’m just thinking of upgrading two old ATVs (1st gen) that I have to OSMC. What is the current plan in regard to support? Does it still make sense for me to do this? Thanks for all of the hard work! – GKent



You are quite near the end of the road. You will likely receive security updates etc, but it’s most likely that v17.1 (when it arrives) will be the end of an era.



It will stay supported for Krypton, which is likely better than what you have already