New RaspberryPi PiServer software -any applicable use-cases for OSMC?


So the Raspberry Pi foundation has released PiServer which allows you to network Raspberry Pi’s together:

You can PXE boot your Pi’s with a bootup image off the PiServer so that you don’t need an SD card in each Pi. -wondering if that has any use cases for OSMC. Would there be a separate bootup-image for each Pi or would it use one image? How would custom configurations be handled? (for example sound and video options depending on your tv and audio setup for each location)

Is it even worth the investment of having a separate x86 system host the PiServer software? Perhaps another IOT board like LattePanda could be used as the PiServer?


You’d have to ask them. There should be separate images.

I don’t really think there’s much of a use case for this. PXE booting is possible, but I doubt it would work with the Pi software



PiServer could be used in the home to serve file systems for all Raspberry Pis around the house — either a single common Raspbian file system for all Pis or a different operating system for each. Hopefully, our extensive OS suppliers will provide suitable build files in future.


We will need more information from Raspberry Pi about this. I’ll ping Serge.



If we are gauging interest for this…

FWIW, I think there could be some real benefits to this, e.g. no more SD card corruption, easy system backups, simple updates/roll-outs across multiple Pis, possible shared DB, etc. The removal of SD card corruption alone would be enough for me to set this up.

Just my two cents.



You can already get this with the NFS boot option in the OSMC installer.


True enough.

Though, as I only have a WIndows home network (other than the Pis), I’ve never been able to use that option. I guess that is why it appealed to me and yes, I realize that the PiServer is Debian based (currently). Just being ever optimistic here. :slight_smile:



You could run Debian on a PC or a virtual machine to achieve a similar result



You know, I was just thinking about running it on a VM. I wonder if it would be performant enough on my current equipment? Looks like I might be heading down yet another rabbit hole.



You don’t need a lot of performance for this. You will be limited on the Pi side, not x86 side