Moonlight-embedded and Luna Launcher


Let’s revisit this and get the ball rolling.
Keep me informed of your progress.


My image viewer is in low resolution

No dice. Same black screen as before. Will inform the devs that we switched to Stretch, moonlight has a stretch branch and maybe it needs different dependencies / patches.


Is there any progress on this topic?


I have a question… I have a Windows 10 PC running with Nvidia experience. GPU 1050Ti
As a Client I use RPi3 with OSMC and Moonlight and Luna App.
I can connect to the Gaming PC and the game start very well and Audio and Video works perfect. But My gamepad don’t go.
I have a Logitech F310 and it runs in X Modus. In Osmc the menu I can control by this gamepad. Is there someone have this problems too ?

Thanks in advanced


Hey guys,

I was just about to get the new vero 4k+ when I saw it’s not currently supporting nvidia streaming. I was looking to replace my current intel nuc running libreelec for the same reason. Moonlight on nuc doesn’t work with latest version of geforce experience. There are numerous threads where downgrading would help but sooner or later I’m sure that’s going to end up in issues. I’m now building moonlight-embedded 2.4.7 for libreelec in the hope it would fix the black screen issue. Btw, in my case it throws the dreaded “[failed -1 RTSP: Failed to connect to UDP port 48010]” error.

@TheHacker66 are you getting any errors if you run it interactively (ie command line)? I’ll try to follow up on the issue you’ve opened on github for more insights.



If your Vero 4K+ purchase depends on Moonlight, we would be doing you a disservice to recommend it at this time.

We’ve contacted the devs, offered them sample hardware, and we’ve not had much of a response.

I continue to work on the issue but I need support from their developers to move this forward.




Hey Sam,

Thanks a lot for following up, I’m quite interested in the project especially since you’re so responsive. Yes, the main drive for me would be the ability to stream games since everything else works quite decently on the intel nuc I have with libreelec. Keep up the good work, I’ll be checking in every now and then. If I manage to make any progress on libreelec with moonlight, I’ll share it here as well since I guess it can help.