Moonlight-embedded and Luna Launcher


Good question. I have the pi 3 lying around unused, I’ll try with that.


Sorry for the delay, I tested the new GFE version with the spare pi 3 and it works.

I’ve also read that you’re working on this @sam_nazarko?
I’ve seen nobody replied to my issue on moonlight’s github unfortunately.

I wish I could do more, but I guess something needs to be fixed in either AMLogic or in Moonlight.


I have no NVIDIA GPU.
If I can help though let me know. I think we need one of the Moonlight guys to chime in.



I’ll try to contact the developer directly then.


Well – I have an NVIDIA 960M in my work laptop; but I’m not sure if I can test Moonlight without installing some games, which I’d like to avoid if possible.



Unfortunately moonlight requires a desktop gpu from the 600 or above family.

I have sent the developer a pm on XDA since I couldn’t find how to contact him directly on Github.

I’ll update the thread once he replies.


Hi guys and thanks for the effort on getting this working on the Vero 4K.

@sam_nazarko According to Nvidia, your laptop GPU should support GameStream, all you need is to have GeForce Experience installed. As for testing launching stuff via Moonlight, you don’t need any games, just the Steam client in “Big Picture” mode (GE sees it as a game).

Also, I can’t help much with code, but if anything needs testing just throw it at me, I have an Nvidia card and a Vero 4K and it will be a pleasure to help.


Is there a clean way for me to install this on my laptop in such a way that it can all be removed trivially?

Do I have to play a specific game to test this? I believe there are limited Linux titles available via Steam for Linux.



Are you sure that that gpu works with Moonlight? The developer explicitly wrote the list of supported gpus which differs from the ones that support gamestream.

Anyway @sam_nazarko, if you want you should be able to run the executable I posted earlier (it’s standalone). You need to install GeForce experience on the laptop and enable gamestream in the options.


@sam_nazarko Sorry, but I’m a bit confused. Are you trying to use a Linux machine as the streaming server? Afaik (and sorry if I’m mistaken) Moonlight does only the client side of things, the server has to be a Windows host with GeForce Experience installed + Steam and/or games.

@TheHacker66 Idk if we’re talking about the same thing, but if you mean these requirements, I don’t see why it wouldn’t work. As long as it’s a GTX (and not GT) and the series number is higher than 600 (which 960 is) it should be able to do GameStream just fine. And it also says so on Nvidia’s page for this card - the link in my first post.


Well you might be right. Let’s hope it works for him so that he can hopefully debug any amlogic issue.

If it’s Moonlight that needs rework things might become complicated though, since no one replied to my issue on github nor to the pm I sent to the developer on xda.




Kill Kodi first, make sure moonlight is run as root to avoid problems.
strace might give some clues.



Can you also try downloading the files I uploaded and see if it runs for you?


As suggested, I tried running it as root while having the mediacenter service stopped. All I get is a black screen and a bunch of errors.
Here are the logs:


Hi, I’m considering buying a Vero, but I’d like it to be able to stream games using Moonlight, like my current setup. How certain is this going to work? Can I help in any way?


I am sure it can work eventually, but right now, it’s not working.

I’ve got some ideas.



Quick update:

I got the audio working (kinda, I only heard clackling sounds) by specifying the audio device directly (-audio hw:0,0). The video is still black though.

Verbose output shows new errors that hopefully can shed some light on the matter, I’ve updated the issue on github with details.


Another update: The maintainer of the c library Moonlight uses has pushed some fixes specific to AmLogic, I have already pulled them and recompiled.

Will test tonight. Fingers crossed! :crossed_fingers:t2:


Unfortunately nothing changed, screen is still black. Reported this on github, hopefully the dev has other ideas.


Hey everyone. After updating to Debian Stretch, I reverted the openSSL patch for Jessie and synced with the upstream repo. Will try running Moonlight again tomorrow, let’s cross fingers! :crossed_fingers:t2: