LibreSpot in the OSMC App Store


There is no App Store solution yet, but with a bit of command line use I believe it can be installed.


I must confess, that I am not familiar with the linux command line.


With enough motivation, people learns new stuff :slight_smile:

We got a wiki page for the basics of working with commandline:


I have tested the Kodi addon. It is actually not as easy to install compared to Raspotify since it still requires you to install other stuff. To be honest, I stopped and simply switched back to using Raspotify.

The solution LibreELEC is offering is the nicest. If Raspotify can be added to the OSMC Store, that would be awesome. @sam_nazarko mentioned a “how-to-create-OSMC-apps” page would go online but I haven’t seen it yet. I would say 1) add Raspotify to the play store and 2) in the meantime, work on a fork that allows you to stop Spotify Connect playback in OSMC and preview song title.


just received my Vero 4K , great stuff to watch video not for spotify streaming!
I have also installed Marcelveld spotify plug-in. The plug-in is very instable, it even crashed the box several times. It is a pitty that you guys do not include a decent way to play spotify on the VERO. I have browsed lots of forum and did not found how to installe Librespot on the VERO (it seems to works perfectly on the PI).
So I also think that adding this to the Add-on repository would be a great addition. Luckily I have an old IPAD (IOS 7) that can airplay the music (yes Airplay is dead from IOS 9 for KODI users), but it is a pain.



Are you looking for a solution with full browsing/playback/etc. capabilities for the Vero or just a way to use the Vero audio out for Spotify?

If you’re also fine using Spotify Connect with then full functionality of Spotify through its own app, I’d like to point you here:

It seems that it’s not fully working on Vero yet from the comments given in the thread, but you could go over there and try helping to get it to work on Vero - should be possible with some more to help… On RPi it’s already working like a charm!


tx for your answer. In fact I have already tried this but the install batch is not compatible with the VERO. Unfortunately I have not the know how to dig into this. Therefore my proposal that the VERO team do the port to the Addon repo.


The install script should work on the Vero 4K.

We want to add a Spotify solution to the App Store in the future; but it needs a bit of work.




But @shoupresse tried it (I would assume so) and also @djisou reported that it didn’t work. In the meantime - before an App Store solution is ready - wouldn’t it be good to see whether the Spotify-Connect support via Raspotify (LibreSpot) solution can be made to work on the Vero, too - or why it seems to not be working for those two people… :slightly_smiling_face:


Unfortunately ‘didn’t work’ is a bit vague.
I’ll take a look at it shortly.


At least Raspotify can be installed on the Vero and it does work, I have updated the first post of the HowTo topic.