Kernel modules missing for the PCTV 292e DVB stick


No. I could never get it to work unfortunately. At least not reliably.
I contacted PCTV three times but no response. I’ll see if I can find an early DKMS driver and backport, but I’m not sure how promising this will be to be honest.



Sigh, too bad. Are there any news on the 4.x kernel upgrade AMlogic reportedly worked on? Do you have any hope for that upgrade in the foreseeable future?


There’s a 4.9 branch here, but a few things don’t work:

It’s probably going to be easier and quicker for us to fix the DVB issues than wait for AMLogic.




Hi there,

Any progress with this fix?

Thanks and happy new year


Some, yes, but we haven’t been testing it on a stick by stick basis



Thanks for the update.

Looking forward to having a fix soon.

Thanks for all the work.