IPTV Stream 'Channels loaded' noting in LiveTV


I am trying to use the LiveTV function on OSMC. Have enabled the Simple IPTV add-in and I am using the test stream of http://siptv.eu/lists/example.m3u. This stream works no problem using Smart IPTV app on my TV, but when I load it in OSMC I get the following:

Needs to restart - OK
PVR IPTV Simple Client - 12 channels loaded

All seems OK. I then go back to the main screen and click LiveTV and get nothing on the screen. When I load LiveTV channel settings there is nothing there. It is almost as if the channels load but Simple IPTV has no way of showing them e.g. the EPG doesnt work



Your IPTV provider needs to provide an epg link along with the m3u file, the smart tv app auto converts the m3u; iptv simple does not.

You should be able to play the channels, although a restart of your osmc device may be required.

Thanks Tom.


Tom - Many thanks. I was using the test link from SmartTV. Do you have a recomended stream I can try with an EPGXML as I had another that still wasnt working and wanted to rule out issues on that side.



No sorry not used epgxml, I just use the one from my iptv provider.

Thanks Tom.


So for anyone else who hits this issue. I copied the XML file locally instead of reaching out for it over the internet and its all dropped in