Introducing the new Vero 2


This is my exact concern. My Pi3 setup works fine but I want to easily use Netflix and Amazon Video (Prime). I have not enough time to fiddle around for weeks trying to make them work or partially work.


Anyone? What’s the RF in “IR & RF”? Rough idea of performance vs Pi 2?


Radio Frequency. The supplied remote sends the button presses via rf.
It’s supperior to IR and CEC imo because it’s fastest. I noticed that IR is pretty slow, CEC is good…if you can make it work with your tv/avr.


Is there any info on when the Vero 2 will be available for purchase again?


We can’t keep up with the demand currently. When you click Buy there is an option to enter your email and be notified when it’s back in stock.

I am hoping we have more just before Christmas.



I am thinking Vero 3 :smiley:
It has been exactly a year since Vero 2 has been released, Well not releases but introduced.

Just a thought :wink:


Well the Vero 2 was announced 31st Dec, so here’s hoping to see a Vero 3 announcement in 18 more days :grin:


Does someone with the Vero 2 box managed to get the Amazon Video (Prime) app running? Netflix seems to work, but before I purchase, I want to make sure I can use Amazon also


Kodi v17 will support Amazon Prime without Android, you’ll just need Widevine libraries. Once the new Kodi Krypton is out I can detail this


HK flights have been extensively cancelled, meaning that even with strong production volume we are now experiencing delays in shipping. We tried moving things to China (a little bit costly, but it’s important to keep things moving), but everyone seems to have had this idea as well.

So for now we are struggling with Vero 2 demand.



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