Introducing the new Vero 2


Thanks for the update - hadn’t seen the new thread


We are still on track for fulfilling all pre-orders by Friday, 19th February, and all orders placed after the pre-order window by Saturday, 20th February.



What does Fast Ethernet equate to please - 100MB LAN or Gigabit?


Fast Ethernet is defined as 100Mbit.



Thanks Sam!

Just out of interest, why didn’t you opt for Gigabit LAN? I guess it was due to costs?


The cost is negligible

The reason for not opting for Gigabit LAN is because some common household routers and switches do not implement flow control properly. This caused problems for some users with the Vero 1.

Users are unlikely to play content above 50Mbps. The Fast Ethernet port will handle this without issue



Ahhh, makes sense!

A quick scout on Google indicates that 4k content will stream fine on 100MB too, plus with support of the new H265 codec, even less bandwidth is required. :slight_smile:



Vero 2 does not support 4k content.


sam, question again!

  1. can Vero 2 play HEVC/H.265 content (720p & 1080p) without hiccup? my Pi2 is on shortcoming of this matter…
  2. can Vero 2 play High10p content without color artifact? (animu fan knows this!)

  1. Yes – HEVC / H265 is decoded in hardware.
  2. No – Vero 2 does not support 10-bit.


any way high10p to be supported/workaround-on-the-fly in the future? one animu fan happiness equals to one Vero 2 sale!


The Vero 2 won’t support hardware 10-bit HEVC in the future.


Are you working on a Vero 3? I think the 1gb ram and running Android is just asking for problems in the future.


OSMC on the Vero 2 is based on Debian Linux not Android.


Yes I know. However you give a good sale pitch under specification about supporting android and android apps, which is of great value to me. Eventhough neither the image for Android is currently available, nor does it seem to have enough memory for Andoid. I am thinking about buying the Vero 2, especially to support OSMC, but I am just concered about these matters.


1GB RAM will likely suffice. We are not working on a Vero 3 for the foreseeable future.

What applications do you plan on running? The Android image will likely land next week

Thanks for your support. It is appreciated


Sounds good with the Android image.

Probably just Spotify, screenmirroring, streaming and some games. Just read some articles about the developement in Android memoery usage like:

It seems Android will demand more and more ram, and 1gb is a already starting to be an issue. Of course it may not currently be an issue with Vero 2, since it will not be used like a phone with alot of background processes.


It also won’t be full of ‘TouchWiz’ bloat which leaves you with barely any memory free before you run any Applications.


Sounds good and thanks for you responses. I will give the device a chance. How is the power consumption (wattage)? Will it enter an idle state, because I can see there is not power on/off? Are you supporting B2B sales with an european VAT number?



We are VAT registered, if you send me an email with your VAT number I can create an invoice without VAT for you.

The power consumption is low, about 6W at load and 2W at idle. We haven’t introduced suspend capabilities yet, as the saving in power consumption is very low but the wakeup can cause issues with CEC.