[HowTo] Vero4k: Assigning functions to Ortek VRC-1100 (Hama 52451) MCE remote incl. Mouse Buttons


Got my Vero4k last week and even the included new BT Remote is very good i still wanted to use my Ortek VRC-1100 (Hama 52451) MCE remote.
I am using this remote since Raspberry Pi 1 times and it works out-of-the-box for the Vero4k for the most used buttons.
What was missing is the functionality to assign a function to the right mouse button (also I(nfo) button) and the Kodi context menu was not assigned at all.
So i wanted to change this and also setup other commands for the coloured buttons and the 4 buttons below the coloured buttons.
There are dozens of how-to’s and instructions in the net, more or less complex, and for me the following steps seemed to be the quickest applicable way.

  1. Install the “Keymap Editor” plugin from the Kodi repositories (to find in Program-Addons)
  2. Activate Logging in OSMC
  3. ssh into your Vero4k
  4. run “tail -f ~/.kodi/temp/kodi.log | grep -i key”
  5. Now press for example the red button on the remote, you will see at the Vero4k command line something similar to this:
  6. Now we have to convert the shown hexadecimal value for the red button to decimal using Windows calculator or whatever converter you like
  7. As you can see for the red button we figured out that the hex value is 0x1f045 which is 127045 in decimal.
  8. Since the “Keymap Editor” Addon should already have created a config file named gen.xml in /osmc/.kodi/userdata/keymaps i used this for my button assignment.
    Otherwise just create the file or startup the “Keymap Editor” Addon and choose “Save”
  9. Repeat step 4 and 5 to gather all needed key ID’s you may need to reassign.
  10. My sample gen.xml with the key Id’s for the coloured buttons and the buttons below:

Since the Info and Right/Left Mouse Buttons are acting as mouse commands instead of keyboard commands i have added this also in gen.xml under section mouse.
10. Reboot the Vero4k and according to the above given sample gen.xml the context menu should appear by pressing the right mouse button and also by pressing the red button.
Just adjust it to your needs