[HowTo] Setup a spotify-connect-web-server on a Raspberry Pi with OSMC


Had a similar issue recently where I needed a key promptly.
There’s always someone accidentally uploading their key to
GitHub. You can search here.

Note that it’s a violation of Spotify Terms of Service at worst,
and unscrupulous at best. But it would be nice if Spotify
replied to requests for the key.

I suspect they are phasing out libspotify, although there doesn’t seem
to be a successor.


From the Volumio forum:

The new Spotify Web Api requires users to authenticate through an OAUTH flow where they sign in to their Spotify account and give the third party permission to access their account. Once that capability is added in Volumio, the entire new API can be used to create a very feature rich and compelling user experience for Spotify users with Volumio 2. It’s coming, but should take a few weeks to complete

So the method described in this thread will therefore no longer work. Too bad! It used to work perfectly for me, but I never saved my key properly.


Good news, there is an alternative:

It uses LibreSpot which does not need a key. I haven’t tested if it actually works, but it’s suppose to work with ALSA or PulseAudio. Will post results.


Thanks for the information. I noticed it doesn’t work anymore. To bad.
I’ll go try the LibreSpot version.


Since it’s a different solution, I created a new HowTo, I was suprised how easy it was to install and it just works. Not linked to an account so anyone connected to the local network can use it:


Thanks. That works for me.