[HowTo] Moonlight-Embedded (former Limelight) using Luna Launcher


Getting them to work in both Kodi and moonlight is something I’m still looking into, as @Waynosan has already informed me that there’s something going wrong when following my guide. I’ll work on getting it fixed as soon as I can find some time to play around with it - as you can surely understand it’s more or less time consuming to test different configurations.

If I were you I’d try to get it to work in moonlight first and care about all the rest later on, as using a controller for Kodi is certainly an amazing experience, but not the “core” use case.

About your rc.local:

  • you can tell xboxdrv to detach the xpad module:
    -d, --detach-kernel-driver Detaches the kernel driver that is currently associated with the given device. This is useful when you have the xpad module loaded and want to use xboxdrv without unloading it.
    source. That’s usually not needed after removing xpad manually once.
  • or simply blacklist it by creating a file called e.g. gamepad.conf inside the /etc/modprobe.d/ dir with the following content:
    blacklist xpad
    This needs a reboot to stick.
  • I’m not using uinput or joydev for my barebones configuration (which, again, won’t work in Kodi, so they might be needed only for that specific case but I didn’t try that yet)

My rc.local looks like this right now (exit 0 line still in place of course):

xboxdrv --daemon \
       --led 2 --deadzone 4000 --dpad-rotation 90 --axismap -DPAD_X=DPAD_X --trigger-as-button  \
       --next-controller \
       --led 3 --deadzone 4000 --dpad-rotation 90 --axismap -DPAD_X=DPAD_X --trigger-as-button  &

After changing my configuration I usually just kill xboxdrv (sudo pkill xboxdrv) and execute my rc,local (sudo /etc/rc.local). At this stage, this also allows me to create a new map file if necessary as Kodi has just lost the grab on my controllers (as the controllers are removed from the system when xboxdrv shuts down and get re-added when it starts back up; be aware that this won’t work after a reboot because xboxdrv starts first and Kodi grabs all devices again).

Let me know if this helps.


thank u for all your effort, i will save this and try it later.
never read so many guides in my life but it didnt help a complete linux noob to get this to run.
and even hard to find some up to date stuff in internet.
today i reinstall libreelec back and some of the mod update moonlight finaly.
everything just run out of the box no matter if ps3 or xbox controller.
just sad that luna dont work there its a lot more beautiful then the standart gui.
so i hope u still continue to improve your addon and i come back when osmc have controller support integrated
or i have more patience to install osmc over and over :smiley:


I honestly can’t see that happening soon …

… and there was literally no need to do this. You had some configuration issues, for which you don’t need to reinstall OSMC.

Well, you could get it to run there, but that’d be way more work than getting your X360 controller to work under OSMC :wink:

Anyway, if you decide to come back just let me / us know if you need any more help. Cheers!


Hi. New user here. Recently built a pi3 stream machine using osmc and luna. Had everything up and running but accidentally unpaired. Host still appears in luna but tells me I’m not paired. When trying to rm luna.config I get ‘no such file’ and refuses to remove the script.luna directory even when root.


Which version of Luna?

@Arty Just to clarify, I honestly need this information as the current RCs are vastly different from the last 0.6.x version …
Besides, now that I think of it, how exactly and from where did you try to remove the config file / entire folder?


Two things i encountered when using this guide. Perhaphs the initial post could be updated.

  1. The packages for moonlight-embedded were unsigned since now. This results in a broken MyOSMC-Updater (see Update fails). From version 2.3.0 on the packages are signed with GPG. One has to import the keys (https://github.com/irtimmer/moonlight-embedded/wiki/Packages). Otherwise updates only work from command line.

wget http://archive.itimmer.nl/itimmer.gpg sudo apt-key add itimmer.gpg

2)[quote=“Toast, post:1, topic:5848”]
Make sure that the module dtparam=audio=on is loaded in /boot/config.txt too make sure that it is loaded type this command
Is this still valid? I have a HifiBerry, and this needs dtparam=audio=off in order to work. The audio in moonlight works well for me.

  1. can add that if its needed
  2. didnt say anything about hifiberry this is for default rpi and its written a year ago or more…


Could someone please help me out.

I use Parsec instead of moonlight purely as I dont have nvidia gpu and it works very vety well but I have to launch via ssh.

How do I implement it in kodi menu so I click to launch parsec as Im sure it would be exactly the same method as moonlight just different directories/file location.
mines being:


Hope someone can help me been at this for ages and cant get it to launch.

tried this method below but changing the file locationto what I want but didnt do anything.

System.Exec(“sudo sh ~/moonlight/moonlight.sh”)

If I use ssh I just write parsec and it launches instantly. Or if I type the location in via ssh launches instantly too just cant get it to do it from kodi menu


Just found about parsec! Weird how no one talks about it in the osmc forums.

c̶a̶n̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶t̶e̶l̶l̶ ̶m̶e̶ ̶h̶o̶w̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶ ̶i̶n̶s̶t̶a̶l̶l̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶a̶n̶d̶ ̶d̶o̶e̶s̶ ̶i̶t̶ ̶w̶o̶r̶k̶ ̶w̶e̶l̶l̶?̶

Ok I installed it normally and so far is working fine

Download Parsec from here wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/parsec-build/package/parsec-rpi.deb
Please move into the directory in which you downloaded Parsec and extract the file with sudo dpkg -i parsec-rpi.deb.
Run the Parsec Client with parsec from any directory.

Found this for you: https://github.com/OMGrant/OSMC-Parsec-Launcher
How do you stop parsec?
And there should also be a way to shutdown osmc/kodi and launch parsec for better performance