How dvb t2 dongle works?


Hi ,
I’m interested in this OSMC dongle but I cannot figure out how it works.

Sorry for the dumb questions, but they will help me to understand:

  1. It should be connected to an external antenna?
  2. I’ve read that it use TVHeadend server to work: it is need to continuously streaming or just to update the EPG?

I currently live in south of France, my internet connection is very slow (2bm/s) so I cannot see TV in streaming.

Thanks for any help.

  1. Yes – you need an aerial.
  2. TVHeadend is used to watch, record and update channel information. It can be installed from the OSMC App Store.



I think that France DVB-T is now DVB-T2 with a lot of channels in HD so might there be a problem with the official dongle - perhaps depending on Vero or RPi?


@farnis: what device are you using?

If it’s Pi, DVB-T2 will be fine
If Vero 4K: only DVB-T will work for now. This is being worked on however. See [TESTING] DVB improvements for Vero 4K.



Hi @sam_nazarko,
I’m using a Rpi and bought the DVB-T2 on the OSMC shop.

I’m waiting the dongle, I’ll let you know my feedback and come back if I have any further questions :slight_smile:


Hi @sam_nazarko
I’ve got the tv dongle and I think that I install it correctly. My doubt is that the aerial doesn’t provide the signal.
Do you have any suggestions about an external antenna that I can pair with the dongle?


A roof one is best if possible. But I don’t have a recommended antenna.