HDR Slight flickering (Workaround available)


Weird. Any high speed hdmi should work (unless very long). I’ve tried 4-5 cables and they’ve all worked, most are just 1-2m though.


Can someone please point me to the workaround mentioned in the title of this thread.


@mule It’s at post 26 and forward. It’s basically just a script that changes refresh rate to 60hz when watching 4k 24fps movies.


Ah ok, thanks for the info. I hoped there is a new workaround because of the changed thread title.


Ah sorry don’t think there is atm. I locked my refresh and resolution to 2160p60 for now


Can’t tell a difference either, which is kind of surprising. Not using any trumotion settings. What settings are you using?


I’m using “user” 2 dejudder 10 deblur. It smoothes motion a little but not that much that gives you the soap opera effect.


Hmm, was a bit too fast there. Actually there’s a huge difference during some panning shots. Really need a fix for 24hz.


Aha that’s too bad. I haven’t tried any 24hz lately so perhaps im wrong :frowning: yeah really hoping there’s a way to fix this.


Hi @sam_nazarko. Can you give an update on this issue? Please let me know if I can help testing. I have lots of HDR material that produces the issue.


It’s still being worked on.

We have a couple of people testing improvements but at this time nothing is available for public testing yet.



I changed the title because the “solved for now” had some people confused because they still experienced the issue. I marked the workaround post as the “solution” so users new to the thread see it at the bottom of the first post.


Hi @sam_nazarko. Just wondering if there is an update on this issue? I have an OLED B6 and am seeing the flickering issue (specifically with Dunkirk in the grey areas). Happy to help debug/give further information if it helps.



Hi Stuart,

Not just yet, but it’s being worked on still.



Fair enough, thanks for the update. Best of luck with tracking it down!



I’m also having this kind of slight HDR flicker on clear zones as skies and similar…

Using Vero 4K with January update and a Philips 50PUS6162/12. Using the TV’s internal USB mediaplayer HDR files playing is perfect with no flickering.

Used this file to test:

As I said, no flicker using usb player, flickering using Vero 4K. This happens with all my 4K HDR movies.

Video recorded with my smartphone (Blade Runner HEVC Remux 2160p HDR):


I have to add that those picture quality issues not only consists of flickering but also of some kind of general noise in light areas. And it is not only HDR related. It is hard to see on a TV (on my 65“ OLED i can recognize it only from a distance of max. 50cm), but is clearly visible on a big screen using a projector. This noise leads to a general decrease of sharpness and does (as the flickering) not stop when pausing playback.

Both issues exists when using Libreelec too, but are not existent when using Kodi on Android. So it is has to be a SW issue.


I assume you’ve changed the HDMI cable? Seems odd to see this without HDR active.
Re. Android: are you sure the same VIC was active?


Cables are not the cause for the issues, because they only exists when using LibreELEC or OSMC. If I use the same box which I use for LibreELEC but boot it into Android and use Kodi on Android the issues are non existent. To sum up my test scenarios:

  1. Vero4k/OSMC: Flickering in HDR mode + noise in light areas in all modes (mostly visible in HDR/24Hz mode, but also existent in SDR mode and different refresh rates)
  2. S905X with LibreELEC (V8.x & V9.x): Same as Vero4k/OSMC
  3. S905X with Kodi on Android (V6.x & V7.x): No picture quality issues at all
  4. S912 with LibreELEC (V8.x & V9.x): No Flickerung, but noise in light areas
  5. S912 with Kodi on Android (V6.x & V7.x): No picture quality issues at all

Sorry to ask, but what do you mean by “VIC”?


Are you sure the video mode was the same though? And that Android was putting you in to HDR mode?