HDR Slight flickering (Workaround available)


Ah that’s a shame. I guess it must be a different issue. Hopefully the fix Sam is speaking of in the next update will do the trick for you guys.
Also interesting to hear that it’s affecting 60fps content as switching to 60hz seemed to be a bit of a workaround albeit not a satisfactory one


Yeah can’t wait to see what the update brings. Follow up question, did you mean the red/green flickering for 24hz or the very bright dslr overexposure kind of crawling flickering?

4k files stutter when played from NAS

I was meaning the sort of pulsing flickering that manifests itself in bright areas of hdr content even when the film is paused. I captured it here.


Ok hmm I don’t recognize that really. Which movie is this? Or do you have some sample where this exact issue is obvious?

4k files stutter when played from NAS

Wait… You don’t see that flickering?! :joy:


Haha I see it in his video but I don’t think I have seen it on my setup




It’s hacksaw ridge. It happens on most hdr films with bright grey or white areas. I found that quite hard to capture with my phone camera but this instance was easier to capture maybe because it was on a blue background. I’ve seen a few other videos on this forum showing the same issue. Forcing refresh rate to 60hz makes the problem go away.


Is your TV forcing 60Hz and therefore you get the flicker because the native signal is different until you force 60Hz from the Vero too?


No. My tv switches framerate based on the source material.

This issue doesn’t occur with the Apple TV native player (something similar does occur when using an app called infuse but iTunes movies all play well), Shield TV, UltraHD Blu Ray or the in built smart apps on the tv. It’s a Vero 4k issue that requires a fix. Hopefully it’s coming in the next update as Sam indicates.


Aha ok I see now, that’s the flicker that in grey areas can look red/green that goes away by forcing 60hz. I’ll try if the noise reduction thing works on that when I get home


Yep. That’s it. It is presenting differently on infuse on the Apple TV (I.e dark areas and SDR material) but it looks similar and also disappears by forcing 60hz


Huh that’s weird. It didn’t show using a shield tv or a chromecast ultra, at any hz


The Apple TV outputs at 60Hz unless you have manually lowered it in the settings. It does not automatically adjust based on the source like the Vero so I still think your TV may be the issue.
From Apple website - *If your TV doesn’t support HDR10 or Dolby Vision at 60Hz (50Hz in Europe), Apple TV 4K can use these formats at 30Hz (25Hz in Europe), but you’ll need to manually select a lower refresh rate in Settings > Video and Audio. Using lower refresh rates can result in poor performance, or choppy video when navigating on the home screen, within apps, or playing games. In these cases, Apple recommends lowering resolution to 1080p at 60Hz (50Hz in Europe) instead, and letting your television upscale to 4K. You will still be able to use HDR10 and Dolby Vision at these resolutions.


Sorry but this is incorrect. The Apple TV beta software (11.2) which I’ve had installed for the past month auto switches framerate.

This is a Vero 4k issue (or potentially an incompatibility between the Vero 4k and oled TVs) It’s been discussed to death on this thread and a couple of others on this forum. Sam acknowledges this and says a fix is coming in the next update.


Also, as stated, it works correctly on the shield and chromecast, so it’s not a pure TV issue.


My bad. I got it off the Apple site so had to believe it was correct.


I think it technically still is correct as the new software is in beta (albeit it’s available as a public beta). It’ll probably be out in a few weeks. It doesn’t auto switch resolution unfortunately but it does switch framerate, dynamic range and colour space.


How does the atv upscale? Perhaps a bit off topic


I haven’t done proper comparisons but it looks ok actually. Maybe a little over sharp but definitely nothing to get too worked up about. It certainly does a much better job than the shield does in that regard.