HDR Slight flickering (Workaround available)


422,12bit didnt work, I just got a very lime tinted screen each time I tried that colourspace.

This is what I get from cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/dc_cap

I’m plugged in via an Amp, I might try and see if directly connecting helps at all.


Try directly first, then we can work backwards from there


Tried again while directly connected to the screen rather than via the amp, set ‘422,12bit’ in rc.local and rebooted and again got a very lime tinted screen.

cat /sys/class/amhdmitx/amhdmitx0/dc_cap


Is there any difference if you set kodi to 2160p60/24 when you have the 422,12bit?


OK, so setting the UI resolution of Kodi to 2160p/60 with 422,12bit set works but as soon as I play a 4k HDR 24fps clip it returns to lime tinted.

Echoing 2160p60hz420 to /sys/class/display/mode returns it to the expected colours.
Echoing 2160p60hz to /sys/class/display/mode is lime.
Echoing 2160p24hz to /sys/class/display/mode is lime.


Lime == fine?

Can you chuck me a log for this?
I should be able to make your TV prefer 12-bit, and as such, always use it. Might take a couple of rounds of testing though, provided you’re willing.



No lime as in the screen is very green as if no blue channel is being displayed. I’ll provide a log as soon as I can, do you just want me to restart and play a file, is that enough?


That’ll do.



Any news on this? No difference in October build.
I’ve tested on another LG (65b6) and the flickering is there as well. I also bought a shield which doesn’t have the flickering, hdr or not. It however has some other issues (like randomly powering off and not being able to dither/change color space). Whichever video mode I chose on the shield it’s without flicker so I guess it’s a lg/vero comparability issue or something.


Hi @Martorias

I’ll send you a PM about some developments and work on this shortly.

Our goal is to have Vero 4K as the defacto HDR device in the immediate future.



Awesome! I’ll be glad to help try stuff out if needed.


Hi, just bought Vero 4k and I also get flickering in hdr videos with my LG65B6V. Second problem : framerate drops with large h265 playback, sounds stops, unwatchable. OSMC update didn’t help.

Hope you’ll fix these issues soon, not satisfied at the moment.



Please provide logs:


Thanks Tom.


Hi, regarding playback issues, how are you playing your media? I’m using NFS fstab mounted Nas and it’s no problem.

  1. FIxed in this month’s update.
  2. Shouldn’t be happening; and as the others have said, we need a bit more info.



Hi Sam, this sounds great and I’m eager to try it out. Is the update available on the jessie-devel main?


Hi Sam, thanks for quick feedback. When will this update be published ?
For the other issue I’ll make more test, get the log and post it here.


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4k files stutter when played from NAS


This is a bit of a long shot but I wondered if those with an LG tv could switch on noise reduction in the picture mode settings to see if it fixes the problem. The reason I’m posting is that I’m currently using Infuse on an Apple TV 4k and notice a similar flickering although this occurs in dark scenes on 24hz content on SDR content. Common traits however are that switching to 60hz fixes the issue and the flicker is also visible when pausing.

I noticed that switching noise reduction to low or auto makes the problem vanish so thought it was worth a shot for those persevering with the Vero 4k?

4k files stutter when played from NAS

Hi I just tried with a 60fps 4k hdr video, which has flickering in the skies (the crawling dslr like) and changing noise or mpeg noise reduction did nothing :frowning: