HDR content on Yamaha AVR and Samsung TV


Thanks for the report. I’ve split this to a new topic so that other people with Yamahas can find it.

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Glad it works.

You can try lg chess demo https://4kmedia.org/lg-chess-hdr-demo/ this is 4k 60hz hdr10 and will take maximum of q9fn!!

I had the same with a820 and q9fn, only my a820 could not pass HDR and was missing 4k mode1/2. Also saw this article about direct/passthrough.

Was uhdcolor already put to on, on q9fn?



Yes it was put to “on”. So wierd that it sometimes worked and sometimes not. It reminded me very much of the issue of not locking on to say DTS-HD as that was also about 50/50.