Force change Resolution (2560 x 1440)


Hi OSMC Community,

currently, I have the following problem.
I want to use a Vero 4k together with an HP EliteDisplay E272q.
But… Kodi let me only select 1080p and not the native resolution of 2560 x 1440.

is there a way to force using this resolution?




This resolution isn’t supported at this time.
There were problems with some of the VESA resolutions and the SoC provider recommended discontinuing them.

However, I can now see the following modes are now supported up-stream:

640x480p60hz,   800x600p60hz,   800x480p60hz,   852x480p60hz,
854x480p60hz,   1024x600p60hz,  1024x768p60hz,  1152x864p75hz,
1280x768p60hz,  1280x800p60hz,  1280x960p60hz,  1280x1024p60hz,
1360x768p60hz,  1366x768p60hz,  1400x1050p60hz, 1440x900p60hz,
1600x900p60hz,  1600x1200p60hz, 1680x1050p60hz, 1920x1200p60hz,
2160x1200p90hz, 2560x1600p60hz

On the next kernel sync with AML, we will include support for more resolutions.



Anything else that I can do?

Simple wat for an update that “maybe” apply sometime, sounds not like a solid solution.


The update will definitely be included in the future.

Unfortunately these things take a bit of time however. The resolution isn’t standard for video playback, which is why it isn’t currently supported.

An EDID dump for now would be helpful

[TESTING] Debian Stretch upgrade for OSMC

Hi Sam,

next to MrFunken’s upcoming EDID dump I’d also like to share mine:


This is a Lenovo L24q-10 with the same resolution.


If you have Adjust Refresh Rate (for smooth playback), which we recommend having on, then Vero 4K would switch to 1080p anyway as this is the best format and will offer 23.976Hz.