Sorry for my first post being just like this. But I have been looking for an alternative to the raspberry pi and just one has DisplayPort, and in no way it has the support and community OSMC has.

So I think to have DP in the next release would help you to be a killer.


Could you use an HDMI to DP adapter?



Yes, it is possible.
But it is not cheap, and it is not “passive”. Probably the performance would not be the same either.

Note to avoid confusions: DP to HDMI (not the case) is easier than HDMI to DP (that is the case).


Same problem with adding it to the Vero.
There’s not enough demand to justify it.



What’s your use case for DisplayPort? Although technically DisplayPort can transmit audio, that feature is rarely used. And, when it is, there aren’t any devices with DisplayPort that accept multi-channel audio and don’t also have an HDMI port.