Delogo/remove/blur function for OLED TV users addon


Windows 7


I use an “Antilogo” application in a dreambox 800hd deco with the open-pli image. Go genie, I cover all the logo of the television networks.
Maybe you could get something out of that app for the Vero …

The video is old. But I still use the application in my current OLED of 2018.


Very interesting! Thats what i thought about actually.

Edit: But not in black because black actually shut down the pixels so they arent used but the rest of the screen are could be get color issues then.

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I do not really use it in total black. just a little blurred. you earn enough with that.


So you can choose the intenseness of the blurred area? Interesting.


This is the application with Python extension. Working on a Linux receiver with an Open image in enigma2.

If someone could make it for these Vero …



Nice thank you! :slight_smile: