Choppy video since Krypton update on Vero 1


My vero1 has joined the evergrowing junk heap of gadget-media-players including the wdtv (didn’t do enough research on that one) and my alltime favorite the boxee box (which was absolutely brilliant until my library got to big and hence the boxee box too sluggish).

As osmc (and the vero) still seems to be the best option I bought a vero 4k a while back, but have not gotten around to use it… fingers crossed it actually works as intended…:expressionless:



The difference between the Vero 1 and the Vero 4k is immense. You’ll see it when you use it :smiley:



Hi everyone,[quote=“JimKnopf, post:159, topic:22428”]
we do not see any activities regarding this, no information updates, nothing.

We’re still working on it.

I read this thread every time there’s a reply. But if I have nothing new to add, it’s that simple. Vero 1 is where it all began, and I hope you realise that I’d hardly put my reputation on the line and piss off some of the most loyal people to this project by abandoning them.

I’ve replied to every query about that in this thread.

@JimKnopf I’ve also sent you a patch which should get 1080p working smoothly again. There is a crash after several clips are played consecutively however, and I note that @leurb would like to see that resolved, so that’s where we’re at, hence lack of builds. I’m worried that anything we produce currently won’t be looked upon favourably, and that we have what’s needed to refine things further already.

Anyone who would like a discount on a Vero 4K is free to PM me. We’re struggling with demand at the moment, but we would prioritise original Vero purchasers and advise of a delay in shipments if it came to that.




@sam_nazarko Is that a separate patch or do you mean the staging repository? I would like to try that solution as well.
Thank you!



Hi @sam_nazarko or @JimKnopf - second try :wink: can you make that patch available for others to test as well please?



Hi @PreacherAT,

I haven’t tested the patch since I did not know how to get it and have not that much time. To make it easy and not more time intensive I decided to to buy a Vero4k … and after all this long time this was the best decision for me and could have had prevent a lot of sorrows and trouble in the past if I would have done this much earlier.

I still hope to see the classic Vero smoothly running with actual Kodi releases. Although the Vero4k is newer, there are still cool HW features in the classic Vero like Gigabit LAN the Vero4k does not offer.



Hello @PreacherAT

I merged these changes and included them in OSMC’s August update




Finally got around to testing it on a spare SD card… but, no improvement with the current version (2017.09-2) :frowning: any other option than buying a Vero 4K?



Why would anyone buy another Vero, after seeing how the original device is treated here? There have always been big ideas, like an included browser or an android image or whatnot – which didn’t see the light of day afaik. I would be happy to at least have the device play videos fullscreen with an up-to-date kodi for once. 8,5 months waiting to get basic playback to work? No thanks…



Hi guys,

I’m sorry to hear you’re still experiencing problems. There were a number of changes introduced in September, and while there are improvements, I understand that not all issues are resolved.

Unfortunately due to the VideoPlayer changes in Kodi v17, we can’t promise many improvements until the next release of Kodi. When Kodi v18 matures, we’ll look at making test builds available for this platform.

As mentioned earlier, we did make test builds of Kodi v17 available at an early stage and assumed that more users would be testing this than appeared. In future, we will not release future Kodi versions until a good chunk of the user base fully evaluates the changes. I suspect that if we had stayed with Kodi Jarvis for longer, we wouldn’t have had so many complaints.

As you may have noticed, Vero 1 has already received its guaranteed three years of updates with Kodi Jarvis. However we decided to keep supporting the platform for longer. We experienced the same problem with Apple TV, where supporting it with Kodi v17 was perhaps a mistake. The experience wasn’t optimal and was not well received by users. We wanted to continue support however to show gratitude to Vero 1 users and Apple TV users. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we were today.

For this reason, we made support offerings more explicit for our future hardware. Vero 4K, for example, won’t receive updates after 2021 without CSO.

With that said, of the many original Vero units sold, only a few have reported problems here. For now, we recommend users stick with Kodi v16 images, which we will keep available on the Download page on our website. Update metrics show that almost 80% of the Vero devices sold are still being used, and with Kodi Krypton 17.x or later.

@pepto: An Android image was only promised for Vero 2, and there is an Android image available for this device on our Download page. We also have plans for an Android image for Vero 4K in the future. We never sold the original Vero with any Android commitments.

I’ll send you a personal message shortly to see if there’s anything we can do for you.

I’d be happy to extend a discount on a Vero 4K to anyone experiencing issues or help them get their Vero 1 device up and running in an optimal manner using Jarvis or earlier.

The Vero 4K is considered the best Kodi device out there (Sept 2017). We’ve now made our update and support efforts more clear; and we will test builds earlier and more often. We will continue to support devices for the length of time promised as we did with the original Vero.




Not to be pedantic (well actually I am…), @sam_nazarko, but I preordered the Vero in 11/2014 and received it in 04/2015. So I don’t really see three years of updates here (even if you’re counting longer than 01/2017 - the last version that worked).
And what exactly do the update metrics show? I guess my device would be listed there as well, because of course I updated to try it but then again reverted back to the January image.

Is it possible to install Kodi 18 manually?



Hi @PreacherAT

Currently Kodi v18 is very early in its development cycle. As such, we don’t have an official method for installing this. We usually start releasing builds for testing after the last alpha or when the first beta is made available.

There are builds available for Vero 2, Vero 4K and Raspberry Pi, but they are community efforts and not directly sanctioned by OSMC.

This would not trigger you in to an analytic cohort, so you would not be counted as on the latest version.