Choppy video since Krypton update on Vero 1


Yes – all can be resolved in software, it just takes time.

I’ll keep you posted




To avoid a misunderstanding and save time for some of us: OSMC 2017-03.01 DOES NOT solve the issue of the thread opener.

If you’re still on OSMC 2017-01.01 there is no need to update in hope to get this fixed by OSMC 2017-03.01.

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I believe it does solve issues with some clips, as reported by @thansen_dk for example, but may not necessarily solve all playback issues. I am looking in to whether this is an issue with new VideoPlayer changes.




any news on this critical issue?

seeing as it has been almost 2 months patience is wearing a bit thin…



Yes – we found the reason for some clips not playing back correctly.

When the April Fools prank by Kodi ends, we will be able to compile some test builds for this.




Still waiting…



Hi @hfunder

I’m sorry to hear you are experiencing playback issues.
Fortunately they are now largely resolved in the upcoming update.

I didn’t see a log from you however, so I can’t confirm you won’t have problems with the content you’re trying to play, but if you have any problems after this period, let me know




mothballed the vero a while ago due to this issue, but managed to get it hooked up again (and off course it reset all settings - system and skin - so it took a while to reconfigure it: especially setting the overscan for each refresh rate is a pain)

As expected it still has issues with what I guess is all 1920*1080 mkv’s

Log is uploaded at:

feeling quite a bit left in the dark with this untested kodi 17 update as an early adopter of the vero…



Thanks for the log.




I have to say - it’s not ideal that there were those issues and maybe we should have been informed better (hint in the release notes after the problem got worse - I only found out recently via the forums).

But some people are overreacting. Yes, OSMC or at least the Vero doesn’t have the open source character anymore - we paid for it. But for one look at other products and the lifespan - update support with new features or at least updates until the performance drops too much. An Android device might be unusable by now.

However most importantly: what’s the big problem in reverting to 2017-01? I was a bit pissed at first but invested an afternoon to do logs to help improve the situation, compare versions and settled for an older image. Now everything works like a charm, I don’t miss any features and when there’s news that it should work I’ll try a separate SD Card with the current image.

What would I give to revert my old second/podcast-player phone to an older image with better performance… Because of the open system of Vero/OSMC as well as support of the team and Sam in particular I still have a great little media center.

So chill, support with bug logs and be patient until a new update comes.

P.S.: still waiting for MyOSMC 2.0 and Moonlight/Luna :wink: but I guess the next Steam Link sale will come…



still, still waiting - any news?



Alsof still waiting and still expering choppy 1080p , sad faces and video freezes.
Very disappointed in the communication and updates for these problems.



second that!!! although I still consider osmc the best solution but this has definitely put a dent in their armor: their very flawed Kodi17 release should have undergone way, way more testing before going public…

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It’s still being worked on and I hope to have some test builds available soon regarding this.

In future: we will test new releases more thoroughly. We did push six beta builds for all of our supported devices; but it doesn’t seem like we had a lot of feedback or testing from this. Vero users seem to prefer to stay on older releases for longer (we see this with Vero 2 and Vero 4K).

I’m aware of the choppy playback with 1080p but not sad faces or video freezes. Next time you experience either of the two, please send me a debug log so I can look in to this further and make sure it’s addressed in the next update





Hello Sam et Al.,

I’m still on Jarvis, mainly due to this thread.

I have hundreds of movies in my library, most of them are MKVs coded, in 1080p with audio in DTS.

I’m fearing that I can have problems if I switch over to Krypton, because of this choppy video issue, and the passthrough of DTS to my DENON A/V setup.

I’ve read that from Krypton onwards, Audio Support of IEC61937 by the H/W firmware is mandatory. Is this the case of Vero 1?

How does Vero 1 is behaving with the latest April Update? Should I upgrade it?

Thank you very much.



Does anyone know if the april update has resolved the coppy video problems (can’t find it in the release notes) ?

@Sam: sorry that I haven’t uploaded any debug logs voor de freezes and crashes but the are so intermittent that I can’t make a decent log. I will wait on the April update if that gives more stability on these intermittent problems.



Unfortunately playback is still as choppy on Vero with Krypton as in the beginning of February. One workaround that @JimKnopf found out, is to set screen-zoom to 0.9 (this way video won’t fill the entire screen, but playback works a whole lot smoother).



So no solution there.
In know about the zoom workaround but found out it’s not always an solution.



Any progress on this ?




what about the current Kodi security fixes and the Vero people here bound to OSMC 2017-01.01 by this not solved issue which prevents updating?

Does this start the next dilemma? I’m extreme unhappy with the current situation and will not invest in any other Vero devices until I get the proof that the support promises are hold. I meanwhile have a box of useless or unsupported media players from other manufactors and will not invest in the next technology landing there.

Also not reacting to the people (see leurb’s post above) asking simple but absolute fair questions is a style which won’t be honored by loyal customers for the Vero business idea.

Thx for your attention,