Choppy video since Krypton update on Vero 1


Vero 3 will be available for order by Monday, 27th February. I’ve PMed you a direct order link.

OK – I’ll keep an eye out for performance problems on the website. If there’s any issue with our forum software, Discourse, I’m sure it will be addressed shortly.

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I trust the specs will be just fine. Just pre-ordered the Vero 3 and paid with PayPal.



Excellent. You’ll be one of the first to get it :slight_smile:

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Just ordered mine too , :slight_smile:



Im having these issues as well



Any news on the progress for the fix ?



Yes, I hope to have something available for testing shortly. Sorry for the delays. Needs to work correctly.

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Thanks Sam :+1:



Ok Sam, so now I really am torn. Do I want you shipping my Vero 3 that I ordered yesterday or do I want you working on a fix for the Vero 1? :confounded:

Have to apologize to you, I was using the beta version of 17 and noticed the problems but thought it was me. In looking for solutions I thought it might be my SMB share. Also figured out the audio pass through wasn’t on as it was under the old version and that seemed to help a bit but didn’t fix things. Anyway, next time I’ll report problems sooner.

Thanks for your work!



You could always have both :wink:

I’ll update when I have some further news. I am preparing this month’s OSMC update at the moment.

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Sam, I really appreciate all the work on OSMC and the Vero so take this as positive feedback.
After the Kodi17 update my Vero 1 can’t play any 1080p content, so I can’t use it anymore.
This has been for almost 4 weeks now and the problems on the Vero2 were solved the week after the Kodi update.
As Vero 1 users we were the first that believed in your dedicated hardware for OSMC and you committed on this with 5 years support. I have the feeling that the real support is shifted to the Vero2 and later it wil shift to the Vero 3.

I don’t think that is far and I hope you can do something with my observation.
The advise to rollback to Kodi16 would have been an option if I had known it would take this long to fix it.
If i didn’t need SPDIF i already would have bought an PI3 as an temporary solution.

I still see benefits for Kodi17 because finally I can play my homevideo ISO’s witch have never played on the Vero 1 (named in several threads).

So thanks for all the hard work and i hope for a (hot)fix soon .




I don’t really think that’s a fair comparison. Let me explain why.

We deliver a monthly update for any supported OSMC device. Vero 1 received a monthly update in February, and Vero 2 did too. However, there were some AV issues on Vero 2, and we were able to quickly resolve these. The fact is however that the issues on Vero 1 are more complicated, and required more time to get things right, verify that the changes work as expected. As Vero 2 and Vero 4K use the same SoC family, it makes it easier for us to make improvements to both of these devices at the same time.

So no – that’s not true. We even support the AppleTV, although we may not be able to support that platform for much longer due to limitations. We don’t just move on to the next device and leave the other users.

We support all Vero customers equally and that is not changing. We have large industrial installations of Vero 1 and Vero 2, so we may actually extend support for these devices for a longer period than we initially promised when selling the units.




Most of us appreciate the effort that it takes to complete the updates , I personally would rather have reliable tested updates , keep doing what your doing Sam



@Sam and developers,

first of all let me say thank you for all the efforts you’ve done and pleasure you gave to others especially the Vero 1 users in the past.

But … my personal opinion is that you’ve to rethink your strategy pushing out new versions to the HW platforms. Sure, faults and unexpected things may happen … but if you have such a large user installed base there must be always a plan B respecting a worst case scenario like now happend (as I said my personal opinion).

The Vero 1 here is since Kodi Krypton not usable for its planned operational area playing HD videos and plan B would be to give clear instructions how the users can go back the previous working OSMC/Kodi version until this problem is finally fixed.
15 days ago you answered to my question somewhat imprecise that a downgrade is “tricky” but “could” be done with an January image … but again and again you underline you are working on it and expect things to test “soon” which sets expectations and prevent me and perhaps others to start investing time in the downgrade in hope to see a fix within next days.

So, just to say it in clear words: To let the users hang in this situation for at least 3 weeks meanwhile since the Kodi Krypton push is disappointing.

So, if you cannot offer a fix soon (which is OK, we all want to have working solutions of high quality), please, prepare detailed instructions for the Vero 1 users how they can downgrade without having to invest too much time for a reconfiguration.

With regards and respect for your and your team’s work,



You can get the Kodi Jarvis version by going to the OSMC website and downloading any version of OSMC before February.

There is a backup and import tool in My OSMC.



I went back to OSMC 2017.01-1 with my Vero1. Although using the backup store/restore tool for the settings several things were not restored/in a state as before and it took me over 1 1/2 hours to setup things right like /etc/fstab, Samba configuration, re-change the music playlists, etc. Of course I set the update check to ‘never’ to prevent an unwanted Krypton installation by that till a working OSMC/Kodi Krypton release for the Vero 1 will be announced in future.

All is fine again with 2017.01-1, I regret having waited so long to downgrade by the promising statements here.



DTS-HD doesn’t work. It gets converted to PCM.
Videos stutter.
I use MySQL-Library for sharing the watched states with raspberries and PCs in Local Network, running krypton.
The SQL-Database is not the same for older versions. Therefore going back to an older Version is not the optimal solution for me.



Same for me, can’t go back because of shared SQL - DB.
Have to wait on the fix.
Any progress or an ETA ?



Still working on this. Hope to have an update shortly.


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I understand this. The fact is we tried to mitigate the chance of anything nasty popping up by producing several rounds of Kodi test builds for all platforms before we released them. Clearly some issues appeared with Vero that users may not have picked up when testing those builds.

I was initially reluctant to provide any downgrade instructions for three reasons:

  • it’s problematic with shared libraries
  • I had hoped that we would be able to address the issues promptly
  • installing an older version can be done by grabbing an image from the website or installer.

I’m always learning. We are working on implementing a ‘rollback’ feature in the future, because updates may not always work reliably for everyone, and some people want to get back to something that works until those with more time (or patient family members) are able to figure things out.

There are some exciting improvements we’re making to OSMC and Vero users will be the first to try them, regardless of which Vero they have. We also provide recurring discounts to Vero customers to thank them for their support.

Update coming soon